Weekly Whistle: College Bound + Antique Shopping Exhaustion


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Phew–the past few days have been quite crazy for me! I have been running through my college schedule–literally–trying to find the best routes on how to get from Class A to Class B in a reasonable amount of time…memorizing my Student ID number…and tag number. On top of that, I have been antique shopping in Johnson City and Elizabethton all day in search of items to finish my closet organization–I picked up some super amazing things that I cannot wait to show y’all..so, stay tuned to VIP Home *wink*

Anyway…where was I? Oh, my–today is Wednesday, which means it is time to take a look at the outfit of the week. Now, while y’all check out the photos (taken at Northeast State Community College…Go Bears! *wink*) + the outfit details, I am going to go indulge myself with some homemade gluten-free pizza *wink*

IMG_5457 IMG_5459

IMG_5471 IMG_5473

Top: J.Crew, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Shorts: Target

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Belk

Necklace: BluKatDesign by Heather O’Cain

Backpack: The North Face, The Summit (Birmingham, AL)


Want to get this makeup look? Check out yesterday’s Beauty Tues here.

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: Get the Look–Layered Creme Eye Shadows


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues.

For this week’s beauty post, I would like to share a fabulous look with y’all where I pushed my makeup application skills and layered three creme eye shadows. Phew…I was super scared this was going to go terribly wrong; however, to my surprise, it was super easy! Come on, let’s take a gander at the look + what you will need to achieve it at home :)

To create the eye look, I used Benefit's "Birthday Suit" creme eye shadow as my base color ad Benefit's "My Two Cents" creme eye shadow in the crease because it is complementary to the Laura Mercier I used on the outer-corner of the lid.

To create the eye look, I used Benefit’s “Birthday Suit” creme eye shadow as the base color, Benefit’s “My Two Cents” creme eye shadow as the crease color, and Laura Mercier “Burnished Copper  Metallic” eye creme on the outer corner of the lid.

TIP: The key to blending all the shades together is "buffing". Take a round-tipped brush and gently buff the colors together in tiny circular motions. Remember...wax on, wax off *wink*

TIP: The key to blending all the shades together is “buffing”. Take a round-tipped brush and gently buff the colors together in tiny circular motions. Keep in mind that the more you “buff” the lighter the colors will become and the more they will blend….Night-time look=less buffing….Day-time look(pictured)=more buffing.

To line the eyes, I decided to mix things up and swap my normal gray eyeliner for Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in "Violet Ink 4". The deep purple hue really made the bronze-colored eye cremes POP!

To line the eyes, I decided to mix things up and swap my normal gray eyeliner for Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in “Violet Ink 4″. The deep purple hue really made the bronze-colored eye cremes POP!

Last but not least--the lips. AH! The lipstick is always my favorite part...you could say I am a bit obsessed*wink*

Last but not least–the lips. AH! The lipstick is always my favorite part…you could say I am a bit obsessed with lip color*wink*

TIP: The key to lipstick that doesn't run is a good complementary hue lip liner. For this look, I lined my lips with Lancome's Le Crayon in "Plum". I colored in the pout of my lip with the "plum" liner before applying Lancome's L'Absolu lipstick in "Berry Silhouette" to add a pout affect.

TIP: The key to lipstick that doesn’t “run” is a good matching lip liner. For this look, I lined my lips with Lancome’s Le Crayon in “Plum”. I colored in “the pout” or the middle of my upper and lower lip with the “plum” liner before applying Lancome’s L’Absolu lipstick in “Berry Silhouette”. Also, another great thing about lip liner is that it can be applied like a lipstick. Given, it is a bit more time consuming, but it creates a matte look that survives several Starbucks.

TAH DAH! The final look:)

TAH DAH! The final look:)

IMG_5460Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

VIP Home: Things Are Coming Together + Awkward Shoe Storage Turned Bracelet Organizer (w/ video)



Being a fashionista comes with a price. That price is real estate space because we fashionistas normally accumulate more clothes and accessories than we have storage space for them. So, what do we do? Well…in my case, lots of jewelry and other accessories gets tossed into various rubber-maid containers and stored in and under things. Not the best process, but it works…sometimes *wink*

Not many of us ladies have the luxury of turning a garage into a giant walk-in closet/office like blogger/vblogger DulceCandy; however, we can organize our current closet spaces to make them feel more like the ones we dream of having*wink* Fashionistas dream of the day when we can open the french doors to our closets and run through the racks singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah or whatever tunes suit our fancies. Perhaps by then we will all have maids like Rosie on the Jetsons to do the laundry and keep the shoes tidy *wink*


For the past few weeks, I have been organizing my apartment’s closet. It is a slow and steady process, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. While shopping for organization at Bed Bath & Beyond in Johnson City, TN, I stumbled upon what I thought was the most genius shoe organizer EVER. A revolving shoe caddy. I sat there in the store reading the box and dreaming of what it would be like to have a remote-controlled, revolving shoe cabinet with all the shoes color-coordinated…quickly, I snapped myself out of my daydream, put the revolving shoe-organizer in the buggy, and proceeded to the check out.

Once I got my organizing necessities back to my apartment, I got to work–see last week’s VIP Home post here. I also assembled my revolving shoe-organizer. I will not spoil all of the humor of the video below; however, I must state that assembling things is not my forte *wink*

So, did I leave the shoe organizer a shoe organizer? No–it did not work well for my space for two reasons:

1. The spot where I had planned on putting it was too small, and it did not revolve properly making it hard to access my shoes easily.

2. My floors are a bit cattywampus which caused the organizer to be a bit cattywampus. My apartment dates back to the 20’s, and I am 90% certain the room that is now my closet was once a sleeping porch…but that is another VIP Home for another day *wink*

IMG_5443 IMG_5448 IMG_5446

So, what made me decide to turn the shoe organizer into a giant jewelry holder? Well, over the past few years I have gotten a lot of bracelets–some as gifts and some I bought myself–and they were all thrown into a crowded, plastic container. Every time I got ready to wear a bracelet, I would have to dig through and hope I found the one I was looking for in a reasonable amount of time. It recently got to the point where I seldom wore bracelets because it was too big of a hassle. Phew…long story short. It was an easy way to get all of my bracelets out of a box and out where I could see them and wear them more freely.

Moral of the Story: Just because something didn’t work out exactly how you planned does NOT mean that it is an epic fail. Step back, look at the situation from a different point of view, and figure out how to solve it. This works when organizing your closet or when organizing your life *wink*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Kicking Off Fall Fashion with Belk + Arlene Goldstein’s Must-Haves for Women


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Summer is slowly coming to an end, which means it is time to start thinking about fall fashion–the cute cardigans, knee-high boots, longer skirts, colorful tights and socks, and anything else that makes you feel all warm and cuddly. With so many styles from which to choose, sometimes, we fashionistas need a little help deciding on our season’s look–And that is where Belk’s “Find Your Fabulous” fall fashion style guide + Arlene Goldstein’s Most-Wanted List comes in handy! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the styles and must-have list + photos :)

1. Complex Simplicity

In Complex Simplicity, new proportions, shape shifts and new age tailoring are just a few of the details that define this ultra modern message from over-sized and boxy silhouettes to exaggerated sleeves and new age layering. Textiles are innovative. Playing with textures is key while extreme coatings, metallic finishes, trapunto stitches, and new knits insure the absence of anything ordinary. Patterns go graphic, so count on bold contrasts. Sharpen clean lines with edgy accents, including statement jewelry in architectural shapes, structured handbags, sleek ankle boots, and the always-chic over-the-knee boots. Embrace the power of plain. Simple, spare and current!

2. His is Hers (definitely the VIP”s fav!)

His is Hers promises recast classics and a man style mash-up with a quirky kind of coolness. With a feminine twist, borrowed from the boys has never looked better. Yes, classic haberdashery with ladylike leanings. Menswear inspired layers: trousers, crisp white shirts, vests, midi skirts, very important sweaters and more. The fashion flock is going to love new breeds tweeds, luxe wools, leather, and fantastic furs. Plan on pattern mixes as new argyle, herringbone, houndstooth, and animal prints are reinvented and reworked. Consider these new neutrals and pair them fearlessly! It is no surprise to find a penchant for plaids everywhere. Felt fedoras with a Pharrell Williams vibe, satchels, scarves, bold gold chains and statement necks are just a few of the anything-but-basic accessories that complement this trend. Check out the Wine List of Fall’s favorite color palette: sangria and other exotic reds all the way to deep burgundy, merlot, and mulberry.

3. Rebel Rebel 

Play it cool with our [Belk's] last statement, Rebel, Rebel. Just as the title suggests, this trend eases us out of our fashion comfort zone and celebrates a fierce fem that wants to break a few rules, in a good way! Expect some unexpected pairings: leather and lace, winter florals and British plaids, feminine silhouettes and moto detailing. Say “yes” to studs, nailheads, zips, quilting, and new chain treatments. Red and black is a color combo that is uncommonly trends right while sheers, pleather, dark denim, double-knits, and tweeds are a few of the textiles that send a trendy street-smart message. A passion for plaids, chokers, bold statement necks and cuffs in burnished metals, studded and belted ankle boots, and over the knee boots are just a few of the add-ons that make this style so enticing.

Women’s Most-Wanted List for Fall 2014

Calling all influencers, trendsetters and everyday fashionistas to Find Your Fabulous! It is time to rethink, rework and revitalize that wardrobe. Have no fear. It will be a breeze with Belk’s Most Wanted List featuring better than basic fashion items that will take the guesswork out of looking fresh for fall. Fabulous with a modern, southern slant.

1. Soft Pant:

Most Wanted Sunny Leigh Soft Pant_008_HR

Easy elegance is a given with a bottom that will bring a big bang to any wardrobe; softly structured and often athletic inspired. Start with solids and work your way up to bold patterns. Fem is fresher than ever with a sporty attitude.

2. Longer Skirts

Most Wanted Longer Skirt_001 (2)_HR Go over the knee, mid-calf or all the way. These new lengths are fast becoming show stopping style staples.

3. Creative Cardigan

Most Wanted Romeo and Juliet Statement Cardigan_015_HR

This sweater is the season’s must have completer piece with fresh shapes, clever trims and interesting textures. Let the layering begin!

4. Novelty Vest

Most Wanted Dolce Vida boot_006_HR

Who Wore What When? Well who knows, but if she wore it with a vest–furry, fluffy, quilted or tailored–then the look was on its way to awesome. Try it! Pair it with a longer skirt for extra style points.

5. Fashion Sweatshirt

Most Wanted Sam Edelman Sweatshirt_003_HR

On loan from the gym, this item has had more staying power than anyone could have predicted. Fabric blocking and luxe embellishments have elevated this top from “so so” to seriously chic. 

6. Tunic Top

Most Wanted Plaid Tunic_012_HR

No bells, no whistles. Go glam in a top that is pure perfection with its practical polish. High-low hems continue, while novelty fabrics feel so right.

7. Midi-Length Sheath

Most Wanted Maggy London Sheath Dress_030_HR

Take a look at a twist on a tried and true silhouette. This is the dress that turns a classic into a cause for celebration.

8. Statement Neck


Logical or luxurious? Both! Bold stones, chain details and burnished metals. This jewelry item can update and refresh any old frock!

9. Over-the-Knee Boots

Most Wanted Dolce Vida boot_006_HR

Strut your stuff in this fall fashion phenomenon. They feel modern and look so stylish. Worn with slim pants or skirt, it will most definitely deserve a selfie.

10. Satchel

Most Wanted Michael Kors Tote Bag_013_HR

With its simple shape and subtle details, this classic bag captures an “of the moment” fashion vibe. Perfect to add a pop of color to any look.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Fabulous Friday: Belk Fall Fashion Preview + VIP’s Major Fall Favs


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Can you believe it! Fall is almost here. Ah! I am so super pumped for fall fashion–I love the colors, the layering…it is all so fabulous.

Speaking of fabulous fall fashions…I attended Belk’s “Finding Your Fabulous” fall preview at The Summit in Birmingham, where Arlene Goldstein, Vice President of Trend & Fashion Direction, gave insights into fall 2014 trending looks and must-haves. Bloggers, fashion stylists, and writing celebs were all on hand to see the most wanted list for the upcoming season. Stephanie Grada (Southern Living, Style Editor), Alexis Barton (www.samechicdifferentday.com), youtubers Stephanie and Tracy of EleventhGorgeous, Vanessa Culpepper (www.buddingfashionista.com), Erica Bunker (D.I.Y Style, www.ericabunker.com) and the VIP are just a few of the fashionistas who attended  the fabulous fall preview event. I wonder how many times I can say fabulous and fall and fabulous fall *wink* 

The VIP with the Budding Fashionista, Vanessa Culpepper. Oh, I am so loving her jacket!

The VIP with the Budding Fashionista, Vanessa Culpepper. Oh, I am so loving her jacket!

Now, let’s take a look at my major favorite fall trends that I will be doing everything in my power to get my hands on this season *wink* Pst…little secret…Tomorrow, I am going to give y’all the full details + pictures that are all about Arlene’s Fall Looks and the Most Wanted List! Yay!

VIP Major Fall Favs:

His is Hers 1 Magaschoni

1. Arlene gave us three fabulous fall looks at this year’s preview, and I automatically fell in love with the “His is Hers”. I love this style because it has a classic fall vibe + it reminds me a lot of style icon Katharine Hepburn. Arlene explains this style as, “A recast of classics, a manstyle mash-up, and filled with a quirky coolness.”

Most Wanted Sam Edelman Sweatshirt_003_HR

2.  A “fashion” sweatshirt–from coffee, to campus…from gym to casual dinner date, this trend will definitely be slipping its way into every aspect of my wardrobe! I already have two hanging in my closet now (sh…I cannot tell y’all much about them because I am saving them for an upcoming styling challenge *wink*).


3. No matter the season, the VIP is a lover of the statement neck! There are so many ways to create a statement neck look–from one piece to layering. “Logical or luxurious? Both! Bold stones, chain details and burnished metals. This jewelry item can update and refresh any old frock,” explained Arlene Goldstein at the 2014 Belk Fall Preview. Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot wait to try out some new pieces this fall! *wink*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn