DIY V.I.P. Style…is that too many initials?

Me with a goat.

Once upon a time…there was a jean jacket that wanted nothing more than to be a spring superstar…the poor thing with its too short of sleeves never thought it would be able to live out its dream until….the V.I.P. discovered it on the sale rack at a consignment shop…from that very moment that little jean jacket realized all of its dreams were about to come true…*sniff*

Before its superstar surgery...

Surgery was the only way to give this jacket a new life as a spring transition staple item…It’s so easy, a caveman can do it (I just love those Geico commercials…whatever happened to those? I have not seen one in quite sometime…).

The pictures below represent a condensed DIY of converting a jean jacket into a vest…I am only going to share a few of my secrets with you because it’s impossible to put a warning label on some of the things I did to create my own jean vest…some might call a few of my distressing techniques foolish, dangerous, causing renal failure, risk of fire, not for human consumption, do not use while sleeping, for indoor or outdoor use only, not dishwasher safe, wearing this garmet does not allow you to fly……..

Things you will need: A sharp pair of scissors (Warning: scissors may be sharp. Keep away from eyes and do not cut hair.), a ruler, and a flat surface. First, measure one inch away from the seam of the sleeve, and sketch a line. Next, cut off the sleeve until the sleeve is detached from the jacket. Repeat the same steps for other sleeve.
After cutting both sleeves off, your jacket should look like this. If not...I'm really not sure what you are going to do....
Now, it is time to give your jacket a "curly frayed" look by cutting little strips in the fabric around the seams of the sleeves. Next, curl the strips like you would curl ribbon...P.S. If you don't know how to curl ribbon...I am sure you can Google it...
Once all the strips have been curled, your vest sleeve should resemble this photo. I continued to distress my vest all over by using a sharp object that will remain nameless and another item that produces flames...but that is all I am going to say about that...I encourage you to find safe and creative ways to distress. Always wear protective eyewear...

Maxi skirts, preppy shorts, and mini skirts are three items that can be worn with a jean vest to give a fun, funky, and sophisticated look to any lady. I put together three outfits to show how a jean vest is a great spring transition piece! Without further ado…I introduce my “Pre-Spring Line” featuring the jean vest DIY.

Skirt: American Apparel, tank top: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Urban Outfitters
Photo taken at Sardis Baptist Church established in 1883.
A single braid combined with a simple ponytail gives a whimsical look.

Shorts: JCrew, shoes: Madden Girl, shirt: JCrew
Although this did make a great photo breaks my heart to see people dumping their junk when they could be recyling it!

Skirt: Farmhousevogue ( ) lace top: The Limited
Photo taken at my Paw Riley's barn in Mississippi.

Well, there you have it folks… a fairytale ending for that little jean jacket…The next blog is going to be a surprise! Don’t you just love surprises:)

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Abby Hathorn



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