V.I.P. DIY: Poster Wall Art

“So we sailed up to the sun. Till we found the sea of green. And we lived beneath the waves. In our yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine. Yellow submarine, yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine. Yellow submarine, yellow submarine”….that song is so catchy….The Beatles are the best band ever…some may think Justin Bieber is the best ever…but I am sorry to tell them that they are wrong…It’s  Beatles Fever not Bieber Fever…

For your next rainy day, this Poster Wall Art DIY is simple and creates a conversation piece for any room.

Step 1: Gather supplies: 6 vintage records, Beatles poster, X-Acto knife, scissors, 100 grit sandpaper, foam brush, paper plate, decoupage glue, and a permanent marker.

Step 2: Sand one side of the record with 100 grit sandpaper just enough to scratch it up a bit. This will help the poster adhere better to the record. After sanding all the records, wipe them down with a paper towel.

Step 3: Place the six records on the poster in the position you want them, and trace around them with a permanent marker as shown in the picture above.

Step 4: Cut the poster into six squares, and place two records on top of two squares. Next, wait 20-30 minutes to allow the poster to “uncurl” a little. During this time, grab a snack or dance around to your favorite Beatles songs! After that, cut the traced circles out of the squares.

Step 5: Now, it is time to start decoupaging! Put some glue on the paper plate, and dip the foam brush in the glue (as if you were painting). TIP: Do NOT get glue in the hole in the middle of the record. Next, smooth out most of the bubbles on the record, leaving some because they are needed to make the distressing process easier. Repeat this process for all six records. Allow the glue approximately 1 hour to dry. During this time, pop some popcorn, and watch an episode of my favorite show…PSYCH! best. show. ever. “I’ve heard it both ways…..waaaiiiittttt for itttttt….fist bump.”

Step 6: Carefully get the X-Acto knife, and carefully cut out the paper covering the hole in the center of the record. Carefully repeat this step for all six records. WARNING: X-Acto knives are extremely sharp, handle carefully. X-Acto knives are not meant to peel oranges, spread peanut butter, do not ride a bicycle or drive a car while using an X-Acto knife, always use extreme caution while operating an X-Acto knife. Safetly goggles are recommended, but not required…

Step 7: With 100 grit sandpaper, lightly distress the entire record…I used several other techniques to distress my records that I am not going to divulge…….however, I am willing to sell said secrets for $1456 (Prada Shoe Fund). Be creative and have fun with it!!

Taaaaaaaa Daaaaa the finished product!

I would like to share with y’all a very relieving, heartfelt story…One of the bears has been found. Yes, only one…the “special agents” informed me that only one bear survived the tragedy of the trashcan…but that’s okay…because the rest are in my heart……….if you’re just now joining me, you should probably read my previous blog Mason Jars, Cobalt Blue, and Red Heels.

Join me next time because I am going to have some pretty snazzy things to share with you:)

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Abby Hathorn

Picture at top of blog work cited: http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/2588646/The+Beatles+JUMP.jpg



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