I had the best time on a walking tour of downtown Meridian with mom, Aunt Carol, and Colin. I’ve gone there countless times in my life, but I’ve never taken the time to admire the architecture and history of this smashing city.

Meridian, Mississippi was established in 1860. It is home to Jimmie Rogers, who is known as “The Father of Country Music”. The Highland Park Dentzel Carousel is a renowned attraction in Meridian. The carousel, a National Historic Landmark, has been in operation since 1909. It is so spectacular and incredible because it’s the only two-row stationary Dentzel menagerie in the entire world!

My cousin Colin on one of the carousel horses scattered throughout Meridian. Around Town Carousels Abound is a public art project of 62 horses representing the historic Dentzel Carousel. Each horse was designed and painted by local artists. What a nifty idea! I absolutely love carousels!

Here is another example of how each carousel horse carries its own personality. This is one of my favorites:)

BB King, Jimmie Rogers, Eudroa Welty, Tennessee Williams, Sela Ward, Morgan Freeman (I love Morgan Freeman…), and Marty Stuart all have “Hollywood” stars on the sidewalk outside of the Riley Center. Lots of cool things happen at the Riley Center! I just found out Wilson Phillips is performing there on March 25…I love the movie Bridesmaids… “Some day somebody’s gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye. Until then baby are you going to let them hold you down and make you cry. Dont you know?”  Why yes…..I was dancing around in my kitchen just then…So, where was I??? Oh, yes, to find out more about the happenings and the history of the Riley center check out this website! http://www.msurileycenter.com/index.cfm

I wish 5-10-25 cent stores still existed....I would absolutely love to go to one! If anyone knows where one is...comment at the bottom of my blog:) feel free to leave other comments too!

Dumont Plaza is another attraction in downtown Meridian. To find out more about Meridian and its history, check out this website! www.meridianms.org/com_history.html

I hope you enjoyed that little peek inside of Meridian, Mississippi! The next blog will be about Etsy Jewelry Shopping…cannot wait to share with you all of the amazing statement jewelry…

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Colin and me in Dumont Plaza.


Abby Hathorn




2 thoughts on “Peek Inside Historical Meridian, Mississippi

  1. Great write up. Who knew? ;)
    Love the picture of you in front of the door. Think I’ll go put on some BB King now.

    1. Abby Hat says:

      Thank you! And i know, it was amazing to me to! BB King is sooo great!:)

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