Christmas in My Mailbox- Part Dos

  In today’s post “Christmas in My Mailbox- Part Dos”, I will show you the jewelry I ordered from Rare Daisy Jewelry and Hearts of Stone Jewelry! Enjoy:)


Rare Daisy Jewelry on Etsy makes “healing crystal jewelry” such as anklets and stretchy bracelets. I enjoyed shopping for my set of mystery hemp anklets from Rare Daisy! I picked eight words to describe myself, and Rare Daisy made my anklets especially for me! This makes me feel special:) I also love the fact that Rare Daisy’s jewelry is very eco-friendly! Save our planet:) I cannot wait to order some more jewelry from Rare Daisy! You should get some too!

Would you like to own some of Rare Daisy’s eco-friendly jewelry? Then take a look at her Etsy shop, and find something you love:)

Rachel Leathers is the owner of Hearts of Stone Jewelry. I was very honored to have interviewed her as my second VIP Guest! Rachel has made jewelry for the Oscars and is a part of  The Artisan Group. She creates handmade gemstone earrings, necklaces, and sets. They are truly elegant and gorgeous in every single way! I have fallen in love with everything that Rachel has for sale in her Etsy shop! To aid in my shopping addiction…I need a credit card with no limit!

 Would you like to own a piece of handmade gemstone jewelry by Rachel Leathers? Then check out her Etsy shop!

On my mini road trip to Starkville/Columbus, Mississippi this weekend, I went into what is probably my new favorite store…Deep South Pout! Oh, how I love Deep South Pout! In my next blog, I will be sharing with y’all the ADORABLE things I got there! You can follow them on twitter @deepsouthpout and find them on facebook to get a peek at what they have to offer….Be warned…They are addictive!

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Abby Hathorn



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