Testing…testing 1 2 3….hi readers! This is my first attempt of a “mobile blog” from my iPhone! I hope y’all are seeing it as I do…

Why am I doing a mobile blog (other than my curiosity to see how it works)? Well, I am currently riding in the back seat of my deddy’s car with my Giant Schnauzer snuggled up to me headed Trussville, Alabama for the night. Then tomorrow morning it’s off to Auburn University for Project Design Week aka fashion camp as I call it;) haha


So I will be taking a week off from the wonderful world of blogging to attend “fashion camp”. While I’m gone…I encourage y’all to read over some past blogs, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and like me on Facebook too keep up with me while I’m gone!:)

Twitter: @Abbysauce_
Instagram: @VintagePassionista
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VintageInspiredPassionista

If this mobile blog has been a complete epic fail, I am truly sorry haha although I hope it isn’t my dear readers!


Stay Fabulous
Abby Hathorn

One thought on “Road Signs, My Giant Schnauzer, and Auburn University

  1. Have an amazing time at your fashion camp, sounds like a blast!

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