I declare blazers a must have! Part 2

Thanks to the daring style-icon and movie star, Katharine Hepburn, I am able to wear and write about my fabulous blue blazer.  Katharine made menswear flirty and glamorous with a touch of tomboy fierceness!   “If you obey the rules you miss all the fun,” was Hepburn’s philosophy when it came to her approach to fashion.  According to www.fashionsalade.com, “The second world war meant that many women were forced to give up their glamorous clothing from decades past and take up work in factories to help with the war effort, and Queen Elizabeth II famously saved up ration tokens to buy the material for her wedding dress. A plain color palette and an oversized fit gave off a coolness that no one else was wearing at that time and a (albeit reluctant) style icon was born.”  Katherine Hepburn’s strong personality, beautiful look, and feisty attitude by far set the bar for today’s independent woman!

I began discussing the ideal transition item for late summer to fall in my last post.  Now, I want to show off that vibrant blue blazer and give tips on how to harmoniously match it with items already in your closet.   Want to add some serious spice to your wardrobe?  An opulent, jewel-toned blazer is the must-have item to create that spicy look while keeping your style real and comfortable.  Now, go back and read last week’s tips, go buy a ravishing blazer, and meet me right back here for ways to deliver the impact you want!

I have put together a couple of ensembles that work perfectly for a business meeting, a dinner date, or a class reunion.  It was difficult narrowing down what I wanted to share with y’all; however, after much trying on, I decided to go with classic summer to fall looks.   It is easy to adjust the color palette for autumn by subbing in rich, jewel tones for summer’s cool, breezy colors.

Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Deep South Pout
Shoes: Micheal Kors
Belt: Anthroplogie

As y’all can probably tell, I have a love for a Deep South Pout, but what fabulous Southern girl doesn’t?  I have put together a stellar outfit consisting of a fluid dress from Deep South Pout, which was featured in my “Deep South Pout Accessories Challenge” blog, a turquoise blazer from Urban Outfitters, a fabulous buckle belt from Anthropologie, and a pair of luscious, mustard-yellow Michael Kors heels! This outfit is perfect for the office or classroom (for all my hardworking, dedicated teachers).  When the temperature turns cooler, I can add leggings, boots, and a scarf for a picture-perfect look.

Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Lace Top: The Limited
Shorts: JCrew
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: Avon

For the next outfit, I paired the same blazer with a fresh, white lace top from The Limited, green Bermuda shorts from JCrew, a chunky necklace from Avon, and metallic sandals by Jessica Simpson.  This outfit is so cute and comfortable you can wear it anywhere your heart desires!  You can go from a nice lunch with the family to a night out on the town with your girls in a snap with this fabulous outfit!   I am already planning on wearing this ensemble to a football game.  Better still, when the night, game-time air gets a chill, I shall wear this blazer with a pair of black trousers, a lightweight sweater, and darling heels.  I will be layered, warm, and comfortable-all while standing and cheering for my favorite team.

Knowing how to pair a blazer with a variety of outfits is a skill that every fashionista needs to be trained to do effortlessly!  Not to leave out the guys, I have also added a VIP tip  especially for you because every VIP needs a dashing man on her arm.

VIP Tips on Pairing Blazers:

  • Now and Later:  For now, you can pair your smart blazers with summer dresses and metallic sandals for an elegant and sophisticated late-summer look! As the temperatures start to cool down, I recommend pairing your blazers and summer dresses with opaque tights and a pair of closed-toe, T-strap heels for a glamorous way to stay warm.
  • Shorts to Trousers: Pairing a blazer with a fun pair of shorts, a sheer shell top, and a pair of flirty summer wedges is such a flattering and fun outfit! For a classic menswear vibe that will carry your blazer into fall, simply pair it with trousers, color-block heels (one of fall’s must-have items), and a light-weight, polka dot, cashmere sweater.   If you are looking to shop from your sofa, check out www.jcrew.com for a plethora of fall blazers, sweaters, trousers, and much more for the entire family.
  • Extending your summer wardrobe:  Wearing a blazer with strapless tops and dresses is a great way to extend the life of your summer wardrobe into fall. It is super easy to dress up these pieces for the cooler weather by adding fall’s essential accessories like tights/leggings, boots, and scarves.
  •  For the Gentlemen:  The striking combination of a blazer with colored khaki shorts and a light cotton t-shirt is the perfect late-summer look! To carry your beloved blazer into fall, pair it with a pair of Sun-Faded Chinos from JCrew, a chunky cotton sweater, and a pair of cropped work-style boots.  Oh my, how dashing!

To see one way the VIP wears a statement blazer, check out my “VIP Interview: Raspberry Beret Consignment Shop” blog!  I am so in love with blazers because they work with just about everything in my closet-I would say everything, but they don’t work so well with the Nike shorts and PJs!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn



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