I sported a vintage cocktail blouse from The Attic to The Real Story Ribbon cutting! I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful paper:)

I recently attended the Ribbon Cutting ceremony for The Real Story, in Columbus, Mississippi!   I write a weekly article called “The Adventures of the VIP”.  I just had to share this event with my beloved blog readers!

I have a very very VERY special shoutout to a lovely fan of mine who quite possibly is my Number One Fan:)

Brenda Caradine is one of the most precious people I have ever met! Brenda Caradine is the Tennessee Williams Tribute Founder-and-Chair. Getting to meet my fans and seeing their reactions to meeting me is the best reward for which I could ever ask! Thank you to everyone who reads and supports my blog and newspaper column! Y’all ARE fabulous!

Joseph B. St. John is the Editor-and-Cheif and Publisher of this fabulous paper!

Chris Hannon and I, the news editor for The Real Story.

I could not ask for better opportunities at 16 to meet and be a part of such awesome things! :)

To read my newspaper columns or buy a subscription to The Real Story, check out www.realstorypublishing.com!

Brenda Caradine invited me to attend the 11th Annual Tennessee Williams Tribute & Tour of Victorian Homes, September 4-9, in Columbus, Misssissppi. I am very excited about the performance of “THE ROSE TATTOO”! To find out more about the schedule of events, check out www.muv.edu.tennesseewilliams or email: sbcaradine@cableone.net or call 662-328-0222 or 800-327-2686!

Don’t forget to follow the VIP on Twitter: @Abbysauce_ and Instagram: @VintagePassionista! Also, like the VIP on Facebook to keep up with sneak peeks and VIP news you can’t find anywhere else! www.facebook.com/vintageinspiredpassionista

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn




2 thoughts on “The Real Story Ribbon Cutting

  1. Congratulations looks like you had a great time and love the shirt

    1. Abby Hat says:

      Thank you! I had a wonderful time:)

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