The VIP’s New Do with Rachel Edmonds

If you live around the Starkville, MS area and are looking for a fantastic hair cut and color…then Rachel Edmonds is your girl!

Last week I got a bit of a hair makeover by the lovely Rachel Edmonds of Mia Salon in Starkville, Mississippi. It was a slight dramatic change…Rachel cut 5 inches off of my curly locks…I was a bit nervous, but the end result was super fabulous…I feel all bouncy and pouncy :)

I  had to share my ‘do makeover with all of my lovely readers.  I knew that it might be a shocker to see me in future blogs with much shorter hair without a background stroy!

The above picture was taken by my mom…bless her and her type 1 diabetes!  We had to hurry straight to lunch so she could eat before her “sugar” crashed…so my hair is still damp…but even a bit damp…it looks fantastic!  Thanks to a wonderful cut and color!

Fall Hair Tips by Rachel Edmonds:

  • After summer, hair is dry from all the summer sun…So, definitely moisturize and trim those ends.
  • Go with a caramel or beige color, if you are a blonde, and a warm, rich brown color, if you are a brunette.
  • Cute headbands and messy buns are stylish for fall!

Aren’t those tips great! And..isn’t Rachel just VIP fabulous!  Thanks, Rachel, you are a doll!

Join me next time for a spectacular blog about a fantastic new shop I ran across while antiquing and picking with my mom in Springville, Alabama! You will not want to miss this humdinger of a blog, I promise:)

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn



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