Weekly Whistle: A Vintage Dream…

Here’s a little song I wrote (Actually, Bobby McFerrin did.) you might want to sing it for a note…Don’t worry, be happy *whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle* Don’t worry be happy…

Well, hello, fellow fashionistas! I apologize that Weekly Whistle was not posted on Wednesday as planned…I had technical difficulties due to Tropical Storm Isaac then Hurricane Isaac who turned back into a Tropial Storm!  My prayers and thoughts are with all of those affected by Isaac.

Tuesday, August 29, I attended a luncheon as Brenda Caradine’s guest to meet contributors of the Tennessee Williams’ Tribute. We had a delicious meal at Tampico Bay Mexican Restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi.

To the luncheon, I sported my favorite outfit of the week aka Weekly Whistle! My ensemble consisted of a dashing raspberry pink vintage blouse and a darling purple grape vintage skirt. The accessories I paired with this outfit really dolled it up! I most definitely felt like a vintage Princess! *whistle, whistle*

Top: The Attic
Skirt: The Attic
Necklace: Deep South Pout
Shoes: Steve Madden

If you are in the Columbus, Mississippi area on September 4th-9th, you must come to the 11th Annual Tennessee Williams’ Tribute & Tour of Victorian Homes. I totally recommend seeing The Rose Tattoo and attending the “Of Roses” & other Poems (where I will be participating in this exciting presentation) on September 9th at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library. You don’t want to miss the tour of Victorian Homes, especially the home of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kacho. For more information, visit www.muw.edu/tennesseewilliams

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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