Walk Like an Egyptian

I am attracted to sparkly things as a moth is to a flame! I wonder why moths are attracted to flames? I am going to go research that before I forget.  Here we go.  According to www.earthsky.org, “Scientists think moths aren’t so much ‘attracted’ to the light of a flame as they are disoriented by it.” Well, that explains why I buy so many vintage sparkly tops.  I am disorientated by their luster!

Fascination and admiration for shiny, sparkly things is nothing new-not even vintage or antique, but ancient! Hop in the VIP’s time machine and travel back to the times of pharaohs, kings, queens, and gypsies.

How would we define sequins?  Would we say that they are tiny pieces of shimmering plastic used on wedding gowns and prom dresses?  To fully understand the meaning of sequins, we have to take a look at their history. Sequins date back all the way to Ancient Egyptian times.  “Blonde waitresses take their trays. They spin around and they cross the floor; they got the moves. You drop your drink then they bring you more. Walk like an Egyptian, Walk like an Egyptian, Walk like an Egyptian, la la la words I don’t know, walk like an Egyptian….”  I could not resist singing and dancing that catchy tune!  I digress.  Egyptians drilled small holes into their coins and attached them to their clothing to represent wealth.  This ancient adornment was not just for the living.  “Archaeologists have found mummified pharaohs wrapped in sequined cloth,” says www.worldette.com.

Sequins were used in centuries past to bedazzle the clothing of royalty and the rich as a sign of power and prosperity.  There were some kings and queens who had “sequins” made from super thin gold discs, and even traveling gypsies embellished their clothing with gold coins to show off their wealth.  Talk about a statement ensemble! I would love to have a real gold sequined outfit.  I bet it would be a bit heavy and uncomfortable.  I am thinking that it would be dry clean only.  My apologies, back to our little fashion history lesson.

A variety of vintage garments had “sequins” made of pearls, metals, crystals, celluloid or other early period plastics. When the 1940s approached, a substance called “gelatine” was discovered. Gelatine was used to create sequins; however, soon after the invention, it was discovered that gelatine sequins could not be near heat or water.  Talk about a “one-night-stand” garment!  Manufacturers stopped producing these fashion disaster bedazzlements pretty quickly after discovering that they would not hold up to real life situations.

Sequins did not stop there, but enough about that!  I encourage each of you to do a little fashion research on sequins.  Now, it’s time for VIP tips on how to wear vintage and modern sequined garments!

VIP Tips on How to Wear Sequins:

  1. Sequins and Denim:  First, go shopping for a vintage cocktail blouse, or go to the back of your closet and find one, and pair it with dark denim straight leg jeans for a “wear it anywhere” look.  To take this ensemble to the next level, roll up your jeans and pair with neutral or black stilettos. Let the blouse do all the talking!
  2. Sequins and Black:  Pick yourself up ANOTHER vintage sequined top (because a girl can never have too many!) and pair it with black. Wear it with a frilly black skirt or black trousers, or even wear it over a little black dress! Black is the perfect hue to make those sequins sparkle!
  3. Layering with Sequins:  Layer a modern, short-sleeved, sequined sheer top over a solid colored, long-sleeved blouse to create a mesmerizing “work-to-play” ensemble.  For added drama, look for a blouse and skirt combination in the exact same hue.
  4. Let the Sequins Do the Talking:  When wearing sequins, keep your jewelry to a minimum.  Diamond stud earrings, a few silver or gold bangles, and a statement ring are all that is needed.  The sequins deliver all the impact so feel free to go sans jewelry.
  5. Sequined Accessories NEVER EVER wear sequined accessories with a sequined garment.  I am all about self-expression, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!   Sequined accessories such as headbands or belts pair well with iconic denim.

Sequins aren’t just for proms, weddings, and trips to New Orleans. Their stellar personality deserves to shine all the time- day or night, winter, spring, summer, and especially fall.

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Just a little blooper shot from the photoshoot to say always laugh, love deeply, and live each day to its fullest potential! :)

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn




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