VIP Interview: Deep South Pout

(from left to right) Bailey McCreary, Jackie Chasteen, and I at the Deep South Pout in Columbus, Mississippi! Aren’t they dressed so stylish!

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspired Passionista blog! I am very excited to share with y’all the special VIP Interview with the owners of Deep South Pout, Nicole Oswalt and Shannon Stoker!

This BluGertrude jewelry is so darling!

Deep South Pout has such adorable apparel, flirty and fierce statement jewelry, handmade hats and jewelry by BluGertrude, and much more! As soon as you walk through the doors, you will immediately spy a key piece that you must have! If you live around the Starkville or Columbus, Mississippi area,  hop in the car and pay a visit to Deep South Pout, and tell them the VIP sent you:)  If you live outside the area, take a weekend road trip to Starkville/Columbus, Mississippi.  There is plenty of good food and shopping!  Visit for wonderful things to do and places to go!

Let’s start this interview, shall we? I know y’all are dying to hear it!

1.  Tell us a little something about yourselves.

We (Shannon and Nicole) met in high school in Petal, Mississippi. We
re-connected at a high school reunion two years ago.

Shannon was a school teacher, and now lives in Starkville with her husband and son, Charley.  Nicole and her husband, Justin, live in Columbus with their two puppies. Before Deep South Pout, Nicole worked in corporate retail for several years.

2.  What inspired the name “Deep South Pout”?

When I (Nicole) was working at another boutique (before DSP), we went to New York City for market one weekend. I was amazed at how we Southern women stood out from the crowd. I wanted to incorporate that and to stay true to our roots. That’s where Deep South came from! And being from the Deep South, like most good Southern women, we wear lots of makeup ;) And “Pout” relating to your mouth, just made sense.

Check out this super cute outfit at Deep South Pout in Starkville, MS! Oh, how I am loving those patterned shorts!

3.  Describe Deep South Pout in five words.

Southern, Trendy, Affordable, Fun, & Unique.

4.  What influences Deep South Pout’s style?

We love the TV reality show Junk Gypsy ( We love how they find someone else’s junk and turn it into treasure!

5.  How is Deep South Pout involved with the community?

We love to give back to our community and to get involved with charity projects for those in need. One way we are doing this is by helping a local family fund their adoption of a little boy from Ethiopia. A percentage of our sales each month go toward their adoption fund. We love being able to support a good cause!

What a splendid, shabby glam display case for colorful tops at the Columbus location!

6. What are the top must-haves for fall at Deep South Pout?

We are so excited about our new fall trends! Check out our own blog post about it.  Visit .

7. What is the one item in your closet you would never throw out?

My leopard print flats. Convenient, yet stylish!

It is jewelry heaven at both Deep South Pout locations! We girls love our accessories!

8. What is an easy “go-to” item to spice up any casual outfit effortlessly?

We love to throw on a blazer over jeans and basic t-shirt for an instant outfit upgrade! They are perfect for fall and come in lots of different colors and styles!

Boots, high heels, and stunning flats-oh, my! Which is a fashionista to choose! I’ll take one of each in a size eight, please and thank you! :)

9. What advice would you give to your younger self/selves?

I would say to embrace myself as I am; it’s way more fun that way!

10. What makes Deep South Pout a different shopping experience?

We hope to provide a great atmosphere for our customers. We want to bring them the best merchandise at the most affordable price, all with great customer service.

Check out all the wonderful things that Deep South Pout has to offer at their website

Keep up with Deep South Pout via social media!


Twitter: @DeepSouthPout

Instagram: @DeepSouthPout

You can also find them on Pinterest and FourSquare!

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Here are a few more photos to make you fall in love with Deep South Pout! Be sure to check out my guest blog about Deep South Pout at -It will be coming soon!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn



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