Weekly Whistle: Renovating the VIP’s New Home!

photo 4

Hello, fashionistas! I am so glad you joined me for this week’s Weekly Whistle! For the next few weeks, you will be seeing a side of the VIP you probably did not know existed!  When you think of the VIP, you think lovely high heels, chiffon blouses, and all things vintage; however, my family and I have started a new adventure, and I want to share the journey will all of you:)

My family and I moved to  Alabama just a few days ago (seems like months…considering the lack of sleep…the days and nights are all blending together) to take on a huge home remodeling project! The house screams 1980s…and not in a good way….we knew the house had great potential…and the view and backyard are divine…not to mention how very close to shopping I am :)  I am babbling…but I am so excited to be learning new skills and working together as a family!

Original wallpaper in the two story foyer! Can you imagine this pattern EVERYWHERE....
Original wallpaper in the two story foyer! Can you imagine this pattern EVERYWHERE….


The VIP is learning to be a handy dandy home “DIYer” thanks to this renovating experience! No, it is not all glitz and glam like I would like it to be…but once I find my boxes of clothes which are somewhere in the basement (along with everything else) the VIP blog will be back to fabulous fashion and catchy tunes in no time!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

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