Weekly Whistle: Sassy Silk Trio


Hello, fashionistas! It is that time of the week again….WEEKLY WHISTLE TIME! Whoo hoo! I know y’all must be just as excited as I am! *whistle, whistle, whistle, more whistling* Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, here. we. go!


This week’s wonderful Weekly Whistle is all about three ways to wear a sassy silk skirt! Three different looks…three different blouses…no need to change accessories…I bet you are thinking to yourself that this seems too good to be true…there is no way to create three different looks that easily…Abby, you are going crazy! No, no, no, fashionistas! It is totally true! This sassy silk trio is perfect for any fashionistas busy schedule! So, without further ado, join me as I show you three ways you can work a silk skirt in complete VIP style!





Blouse: The Limited

Skirt: The Gap

Heels: Belk, Jessica Simpson

Jewelry: Avon


Why this works:

Basic black works with neutral nude because the light/dark contrast is divine.   It creates a dynamic duo!





Top: DREAMPOP (by Cynthia R.), JCPenny

Skirt: The Gap

Heels: Belk, Jessica Simpson

Necklace: Mark by Avon


Why this works:

A bright printed t-shirt paired with a silky neutral skirt is a cute combo that makes this ensemble perfect for all of your darling day events.





Sweater: The Loft

Skirt: The Gap

Heels: Belk, Jessica Simpson

Necklaces: Avon


Why this works:

A cobalt blue sweater adds a pop of  personality to a neutral skirt. This gives you a look that can go from day to night with ease!


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

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