Alabama Bloggers: Luncheon at Nabeel’s


I met so many wonderful people at the Alabama Bloggers luncheon at Nabeel’s today! (If you were there, please comment below with your blog URL and social media links!) Mmmm….Nabeel’s food is absolutely fantastic! Each blogger received a complimentary bottle of Nabeel’s Classic Greek Dressing that includes a yummy recipe for Peasant Greek Salad. Aren’t you getting hungry just reading this blog?

Now, it is time for a VIP Restaurant Review…a fabulous fashionista’s foodie review!


Nabeel’s (owner John Krontiras) is located at 1700 Oxmoor Road in Homewood, Alabama. Stop by Nabeel’s for a extraordinary, authentic Mediterranean cuisine in an family orientated atmosphere.

My dad had the Bifteki (Greek Hamburger), my mom had the Falafel Plate, and I played it safe with one of my favorite foods of all time-pimento cheese-and had Anthony’s Pimento Cheese Sandwich. The great thing about eating out with my family is we sample off each other’s dishes. It is usually a good thing…unless one of us has something really delish that we don’t want to share…that’s when diversion tactics come in handy! Today was my first time to try Falafel…my mom being a picky eater, I knew it had to be good so I gave it a try! Hm…Falafel was quite delicious, and not to mention it is VERY fun to say! Falafel, Falafel, Falafel, Falafel, Falafel! Yeah, try saying that five times fast!  I have no idea what the Greek hamburger (Bifteki) tastes like because my dad did not share, and I was unable to create a diversion…I could have…but not at the Alabama Bloggers luncheon…that would have been rude.

Okay, okay…my mother, who is sitting next to me, is nagging me to tell y’all about the terrific homos (aka humus) she had today at Nabeel’s…so, I am going to let her do it since she obviously knows what she wants to say…so, let’s give a warm welcome to the VIP’s mom haha:)

Hi, everyone!  I am not sure how to be a foodie or food critic…all I know is that Nabeel’s homos is the best that I have ever eaten…and believe me…I have eaten a lot of hummus in my day…should I really be bragging about that?  I am not sure…but 5 stars and two thumbs up for the homos.

The VIP is back, and I must say that Nabeel’s cucumbers are like crack! Not that I have ever done drugs! I guess I should say the cucumbers are more like Starbucks coffee!

Now, it is time to make the VIP’s dad (who is probably on the couch napping after his delicious meal at Nabeel’s) critique his experience at Nabeel’s!

First off, I am glad to be typing in GREEN with St. Patty’s day coming up…  I had the Greek style burger- The Bifteki.  In a nutshell, it was a hamburger with the center stuffed with Feta cheese, garlic, etc. and it is topped off with melted cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion.  Fantastic!  One of the best burgers I’ve ever had.  Even competes with my own special recipe.  The great thing about this one was it’s uniqueness.

Hey, hey, hey! VIP here again! My laptop has had an adventure all around the house today! Speaking of adventures…It is time for me to go change into some St. Patty’s Day attire and skip off to an over the rainbow adventure at Shamrocking and Shopping at the Outlet Shops of Grand River in Leeds, Alabama! Keep up with me via social media for sneak peeks of what the blog and YouTube coverage will be about!

Fall in love with Nabeel’s Authentic Mediterranean food by visiting their website and Facebook!



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Abby Hathorn

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