Say What?! The VIP is going to be on TV!


OH. MY. GOODNESS. VIP READERS! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I AM ABOUT TO TELL Y’ALL…BUT…THE VIP IS GOING TO BE ON TELEVISION! Yes, yes it is true! I am still in shock myself! You can see me on ABC 33/40 “Talk of Alabama” at 9:00am central time, March 25! If do not live in Alabama, don’t fret! You can still watch the VIP on “Talk of Alabama”! How? I will have a link on my Facebook page to the video.

Earrings: BluKat Designs by Heather O'Cain
Earrings: BluKat Designs by Heather O’Cain

On the TV segment, I will be talking about the Vintage Inspired Passionista blog, spring trends, and what to wear for Easter. It is going to be such a fabulous experience; however, I am just a tad bit nervous…but I assume that it is absolutely normal?


Oh, and let me tell you, fashionistas, what I am wearing “on the air” is BEYOND FABULOUS! It is so super, super, SUPER cute and Gus Mayer did a glamorous job of styling it! I am so exited to be working with Gus Mayer! The one thing I can tell you about the tremendous outfit is that I will be wearing a Christine A. Moore “fascinator” hat that is simply divine, which is also available at Gus Mayer!


Speaking of Christine A. Moore, here is the link to the SPECTACULAR video interview I had with the renowned milliner. I had so much fun meeting and learning more about Christine, and I know y’all will adore the video! Click here to watch the VIP Interview with Christine A. Moore. Also, I will warn you that after watching the video you will be crushing on her dazzling hats!


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

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