Meet the Band: Wayward Priest


Hello, hello, hello VIP readers! Today, I am going to tell y’all about one of my new favorite bands–Wayward Priest, a talented, fun, spirited group with a magnificent passion for music.  Wayward Priest’s Southern twist on musical artists like Jason Mraz and Stevie Nicks creates a style that is fun and appealing to everyone!  When listening to their music, I cannot deicide if I want to get up and dance or relax by the pool…perhaps, I should dance by the pool.  Problem solved.

IMG_5689IMG_5660 IMG_5687

Before I watched Wayward Priest recording at Studio 115A, I did not realize how much hard work went into making an album. It is truly incredible how Wayward Priest recorded the amount of songs they did in just one day! My parents and I spent the entire day filming and photographing behind the scenes videos and photos, admiring the groups phenomenal musical talents, and laughing with the band! What a fabulous day!



Not only did I get to be in the recording studio with the band, but I also had lunch with all the members at Pizza Hut in Columbus, Mississippi. Everyone laughed, ate pizza, drank sweet tea, and enjoyed the simple things in life like family and friends. I absolutely loved the experience of watching Wayward Priest record, and I would not trade it for the world! To see a little bit of the fun and meet the band on my latest YouTube videos! Click here for Meet the Band. Click here for Behind the Scenes.

If you are in the Columbus, Mississippi area and interested in acoustic and electric guitar lessons OR bass and mandolin lessons, contact Denis McKay of Studio 115A which is a professional recording and production studio! (662)889-2829 OR

IMG_5645 IMG_5615

When I got back home to Birmingham, I went through over two hours of video from that day and about 200 pictures. Trying to narrow it all down has been one of the hardest projects the VIP has done to date! I hope y’all enjoy the videos as much as I enjoyed making them:)

Visit Columbus, Mississippi May 18 to see Wayward Priest in action! More details coming soon–stay tuned to the VIP Facebook page! I would love to dance and have lots of fun with my dear fans:)


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