VIP Interview: Rhonda Spruce of The Crystal Heart Factory

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Hello, hello, hello, fashionistas! Today on the Vintage Inspired Passionista blog, I am going to share a fabulous interview with the owner of The Crystal Heart Factory, Rhonda Spruce! “I take great pride in designing and creating new items and providing a quality piece of jewelry for new and existing customers,” says spectacular jewelry designer, Rhonda Spruce. So, without further ado, I present to y’all the VIP’s interview with extraordinary jewelry artisan, Rhonda Spruce of The Crystal Heart Factory!


  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Rhonda Spruce, and I have been making jewelry for approximately eight years now. I fell into the hobby of it quite innocently. While Christmas shopping one year, I passed a bead store with a heart pendant in the window…KNOWING it would be a perfect gift for someone, I inquired within about purchasing it. The heart was not for sale–it was a class they offered. I took the class (classes…it took me more than one!) and gave the gift. They became popular gifts. I was also lucky enough that I had already been an established nail technician for several years with a clientele who liked them and started purchasing them. I have since retired from being a nail technician, but I am lucky enough to still have my clientele rocking and supporting my jewelry.


  • When you are not making jewelry, what do you enjoy doing?

I am a stay at home mother and a military wife, and I enjoy living life! With my husband on duty every 4th day and deploying approximately 2 weeks every other month, we stay busy when we can. We love to give our children amazing life experiences. They are big fans of carnivals (eeek-youth, what can you say?) and my husband and I, being HUMONGOUS country music fans, try not to miss any country concerts within a 60 mile radius of our home. Being stationed away from my family is hard, so we try to stay busy to pass the time, and we are generally successful at that. (You would be pleasantly amazed at how many discounts and perks we get for being a military family that make this attainable!)


  • Describe your ideal vacation

My ideal vacation is a Ski in/Ski out anywhere that has a hot tub on the balcony of my accommodations. (note: My husband and I have taken this vacation together and our oldest daughter is our favorite “souvenir” from that trip haha)

  • VIP QUESTION: What is one item in your closet you could never get rid of and why?

My skinny jeans. I don’t own a scale…how else would I know if I am gaining or losing weight?!


My most popular items are my awareness ribbon hearts.  I will never raise the prices on them. They are the same price they have always been and always will be. Here at the Crystal Heart Factory, we believe that “Awareness=Funding=Research=Finding the Cure.” We have never turned down the opportunity to donate to a organization that has appropriate documentation for the event being held. We are here to HELP!

Also, I am very lucky to have my Mother-in-Law, Stephanie Grantham, owner of StephieGknits, as my full time assistant. Click here to see the VIP’s interview with Stephanie Grantham.


Don’t you just love The Crystal Heart Factory! Rhonda is such a spectacular woman with an extraordinary talent for creating breathtaking jewelry! So, what do you say, fashionistas? Are y’all feeling like going online shopping now?!

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