Entangled by the Norm


The question that I am asked the most by my readers, fans, neighbors, and strangers is “Why did you start your blog?”  That question is usually followed by “How old were you when you started it?” Well, in a nutshell, I started the Vintage Inspired Passionista blog at age sixteen as a way to make the voice of good kids heard. I was tired of the way teenagers were being (and still are being) portrayed on cable television—wild, crazy, uneducated (poorly spoken), YOLO, ridiculous, do anything to get attention (gain a little immediate fame and satisfaction), disrespectful, and future members of the prison system.

Improving the way teens are viewed because of “reality” TV shows, news events, and social media activities became my mission—my goal.  At first the task seemed daunting; however, the more I blog, the more incredibly nice and supportive people I meet, the more community events that I attend where I see good people of all ages doing good things—the more I realize that goal is attainable…not because of me…not because I have a magic formula, but because there are so many good teens out there…waiting to be heard, waiting for someone to notice, waiting for the right media to step away from the 24/7 negative doom and gloom and to start reporting 24/7 on happy, positive, good news.  Is that my thinking like a child?  Is that my living in a fairy tale?  No, I do not think so.

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It is easy to lump all teenagers into a presumptuous public persona. Like my Paw Riley always told me, “A few bad apples ruin the whole bunch.” Overcoming said persona has been quite the challenge. I have people that tell my parents and me that I need to sit back, relax, and be a normal teenager. First of all…what exactly is a “normal teenager”? Is it the unwillingness to learn, the hatred of school, the disrespect of authority figures, wild parties, drugs, and underage drinking? No, or at least, it should not be.

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What I am doing with my life is normal—I have no desire to be a part of the “normal teen” stereotypical generation that is being shown all over the internet and TV–where cheap beer, mud riding, and sex is the summation of wild weekend parties.

No,  this is not how all teenagers live their lives, but due to overwhelming bad press—many good teenagers have conformed because they want to fit in…they want to feel normal…they want to have lots of friends and social activities…they do not want to be made fun of by peers or adults…they do not want to be bullied by peers or adults…they do not want to be left out…they do not want to be the last one picked….


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Changing the way the world looks at the younger generation will only be obtained one small step at a time…one positive Facebook status at a time…one inspirational tweet at a time…one good reality TV show about good kids at a time…one positive newscast at a time…

Together we will untangle this mess that we as a society created.  Yes, I had a part in the teen reputation because I sat idle and did nothing…until I started my blog…until now with this post.

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


16 thoughts on “Entangled by the Norm

  1. Oh dear Abby Hathorn! What a beautiful, smart young lady you are. Thank you for inspiring me, a 40-something woman. I have two teens and I love this blog post. You are going places in your near future! I’m going off to share this blog post with everyone I know today!

    • Thank you so much, Carol Marks! I am very touched that I could inspire you with this post. Thank you so much for your kind words–I really appreciate them! Motivational comments like these push me harder to accomplish my dreams. I love the fact you will share it with everyone–that makes me so so SO happy:) Thank you, once again for your amazing and sweet words! I hope you have a fabulous afternoon!

  2. Such an awesome blog post! I was one of these teenagers in my teen years (which weren’t that long ago) and I often look back asking myself “What’d you do with your time then?” I know have kids of my own and I hope they are the ‘good kids’ that want something out of their teen years other than being the norm! Great post and I love your blog! I’m a fellow MS native so it’s always nice to see someone be really successful at such a young age from not to far from where I grew up! Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much! It excites me to know how well people are responding to this post. I am very happy that you love my blog–comments like these make me extremely happy inside:) Thank you for your kind words, and about Mississippi…gotta stay true to ya’ roots:) Have a fabulous day!

  3. I can’t get enough of your positive vibes and generous outlook. You are right, most teens are great and we need to spread the word! Thanks for doing your part, Abby!

  4. Thank you Abby! You are a refreshing yet honest example of a young adult that our future society needs. I have three young adult children who equally exhibit a balance between tradition and innovation; decision makers who are not afraid to take risks in a respectful manner.

    • Thank you, Karen! It makes me feel overjoyed when people understand and appreciate the content in the Entangled by the Norm post. It took a lot of guts to not only write but publish that blog for the world to read. Each day I push a little bit harder to be a better example and make the voice of good teens heard :) Thank you so much for reading, and I greatly appreciate your comment! It made my night :)

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