VIP Signature Curls with Hot Tools and Matrix Products!


Hello, my fabulouses! I had the most fabulous modeling photo shoot EVER thanks to Detra Smith, hair stylist for the shoot, and Daphne Rush, MUA for the shoot. Before I show all of the magnificent pictures…let me tell you a little bit about Daphne and Detra!


Who is Daphne Rush?

Daphne Rush is a makeup artist in the Birmingham area. She currently works full time for Smashbox Cosmetics as an account coordinator and artistry trainer. In addition to that, she serves on the board of directors for the Association of Independent Artists (AIA) and is currently the Best Makeup Artist for Birmingham Fashion Week. She eats, sleeps, and breathes makeup 24/7–when she isn’t in-store for Smashbox, she is making brides beautiful, on set for a photo shoot, or collaborating on projects for publication. She got her start at Sephora, and after making the National Pro Beauty Team, she traveled internationally in 2009-2010. After that, Daphne left to pursue her own business, Birmingham Beauties. She began embracing the education side of makeup artistry by teaching everything from private lessons to interactive group tutorials known as Makeup By Numbers. While freelancing for Tarte cosmetics in 2011, she was recruited for her current position with Smashbox. The fusion of education and camera ready products made Smashbox a perfect fit, and allowed her artistry the momentum that it continues to have today.” (Daphne Rush’s bio.)


Who is Detra Smith?

“I wear many hats in the salon industry. As Artistic Director at Helen of Troy, one of my responsibilities is to style models for Hot Tools advertising.  I also write step-by-step guides to teach consumers how to use their styling tools.  As an artistic educator for Matrix, my responsibility is to teach other stylists how to achieve the best possible color results in their salons.  As a salon owner, I have many guests who ask how to maintain frizz with curly hair.  After meeting the VIP [Vintage Inspired Passionista–Abby Hathorn], I knew she would be the perfect step-by-step model to help others learn to manage their curls.”
After winning top stylist at BFW [Birmingham Fashion Week], I became a lead board member of the Association of Independent Artists.  I meet regularly at AIA The Salon with Jeremy Stephens, Daphne Rush and others on the board.  Jeremy is generous enough to allow me access to his salon anytime I’m working in the Birmingham area.”

How did Detra Smith make my curls ever so luscious and frizz free?

“I used Matrix V-Light to touch up Abby’s highlights.  Next, I used the Matrix Total Results Super Defrizz Gel–it is my favorite product to define curls while taming frizz. The Hot Tools Tempest 2000 Blow Dryer comes with the finger diffuser that Abby used to dry her hair while keeping the curls controlled and smooth.  The curling iron I recommend for touch ups is the Hot Tools 1” Professional Spring Iron,” says Detra Smith.
The Matrix Defrizz Gel, Hot Tools hair dryer with finger diffuser, and the Hot Tools 1” Professional Spring Iron is the most fabulous mix for any girl wanting to tame her natural curls.

VIP Personal Testimony:

Oh, I cannot explain how much I love the Hot Tools Tempest 2000 Hair Dryer and finger diffuser! I was very impressed how the Hot Tools Tempest 2000 dried my hair thoroughly and so quickly–AND without frizzing! Wow! I could not believe my eyes when I saw no frizz!  I admit that the VIP was skeptical because I have tried and owned several different hair diffusers–and by the time my hair was dry, my blonde curls looked like a giant frizz ball.  After only one use, I had fallen head over heels for Hot Tools!
For those pesky strands of curls that do not want to cooperate–the one inch Hot Tools Professional Spring Iron is beyond amazing! Some days, fixing my signature curls is a stressful task, but with Hot Tools and the Matrix hair gel, styling my hair has never been so easy and fast!
Now, without further ado, I introduce to y’all the fabulous photo shoot pictures! Special thanks to Detra Smith and Daphne Rush for making me look so totally FABULOUS! Another super special thanks to Bella Bridesmaid for letting the VIP wear their lovely dresses and model at the super gorgeous Bella Bridesmaid shop!
IMG_1109 IMG_1105 IMG_1107 IMG_1106 IMG_1110 IMG_1111 IMG_1113 IMG_1116 IMG_1125 IMG_1122 IMG_1129 IMG_1138 IMG_1131

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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