Project Runway: Season 12 Episode 3


Hello, my fabulouses! Today on the VIP blog, I am going to chat about all things Ken Laurence and Project Runway Season 12, Episode 3.

Ken's face was priceless when Heidi Klum woke up this group of designers!
Ken’s face was priceless when Heidi Klum woke up this group of designers!

“Heidi Klum doesn’t make house calls–this has to be big,” said designer Kate. “You’re going to Coney Island,” exclaimed Klum.


After arriving at Coney Island, Tim Gunn announced that the designers would be split up into teams of two for this challenge. He drew the names out of the button bag…I was sitting on the edge of the sofa “patiently” waiting to hear with whom Ken was going to be partnered…Phew! I was so relieved when Tim announced that Ken Laurence and Jeremy Brandrick were going to be partners for the challenge. Yay! Two of my favorite designers working together–FABULOUS!


Tim Gunn, looking totally dashing as always, announced that the teams would be giving away samples of delicious Yoplait Frozen Yogurts and asking the tasters to describe the yummy frozen treats. Each team of designers had to pick three words said about Yoplait Frozen Yogurts to determine the theme of their designs for this challenge. Sounds easy enough, right? Yeah…about that….


The looks on Ken’s and Jeremy’s faces were totally priceless when Tim said that the designers would not be shopping at Mood for their materials this week…they were going to play their luck at the Luna Park Amusement Park to win prizes which would in return be the materials used for their garments. How did Ken feel about the unconventional challenge…? Well….”This is out second unconventional challenge–everybody knows I hate unconventional challenges,” said designer Ken.



I absolutely LOVED the sketch of Ken and Jeremy’s three-piece garment! The concept = fabulously realistic and wearable!


On a side note…I absolutely love the way designer Ken dresses! He is always so fun and vibrant! Oh, and his variety of glasses! Ahh! LOVE!

IMG_2038 IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2041 IMG_2042

When Ken and Jeremy’s model hit the runway…I was speechless–and I am still speechless! I would wear this entire ensemble in a heartbeat! Ken and Jeremy…I love y’all haha


“She is ripping the runway, and it looks fantastic! The look is very editorial and chic, and it’s making a statement. It is very much both of our aesthetics blended into one,” said Ken expressing his love for his and Jeremy’s fabulous design.


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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