Project Runway: Season 12 Episode 6


Hello, my fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Today, I am going to chat about Project Runway Season 12 Episode 6 along with some exclusive commentary from designer Ken Laurence! Whoo hoo! Come on, let’s get to chatting!


My first thoughts when Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn announced that the designers were going on a camping trip–I mean glamping trip, which was sponsored by ReSource water–are as follows:

  1. Oh, I so need that jumpsuit Heidi is wearing. I wonder where she got it???
  2. Is that…Tim Gunn…in a…camouflage suit…no way…???
  3. Tim Gunn actually looks quite dashing in that camo suit! It is official. Tim Gunn can pull off anything and everything. Fabulous.
  4. What is…glamping?

Glamping? What? Huh? According to the Tim-Gunn Fashion Dictionary, “glamping is how fashion designers camp.” Oh, okay–that makes much more sense. Hmm…still not sure how I feel about glamping….I wonder if I could glamp? Sure, as long as my tent has air conditioning, a mini fridge full of my favorite snacks and beverages, WiFi, and a comfy, fluffy bed. Anyway, this is not about me–back to Project Runway!

On the glamping trip, the remaining designers were to use the lovely outdoor activities and the scenes of nature to kick-start their creativity for this one-day challenge. After relaxing and having some ziplining fun, the designers entered a tranquil mindset and began sketching garment ideas to reflect Mother Nature–all while creating a look that was very high-end and editorial.


“People think that since I am from the South that I am a nature boy. I don’t wanna’ walk in the dirt, I don’t wanna’ be bitten by bugs, and I am not sleeping in a tent,” explained designer Ken.


After Ken made this remark, I just had to ask him about his glamping experience…I must admit I am not one to enjoy bug bites or sleeping in a tent. *itchy-scratchy, itchy-scratchy*

Abby:  “What was your favorite activity during the glamping trip?”

Ken:  “Abby, I loved everything besides sleeping in the tent lol. But, glamping is amazing.”


Abby:  “Do you remember what you were reading in your Bible while you were sitting by the stream?”

Ken: “Looking around and seeing nature from that standpoint, I thought about God creating the world. So, as I sat by the stream I began to reflect on the book of Genesis.”

Oh! My favorite designers ever! Justin, Jeremy, and Ken, I absolutely adore y’all. You guys amaze me with your fabulous work each week!



Designers Karen and Ken using their mobile GoBank apps at Mood!  Image provided by the Weinstein Company.
Designers Karen and Ken using their mobile GoBank apps at Mood!
Image provided by The Weinstein Company.

After the glamping trip, the designers went shopping for their materials at Mood with a suggested GoBank spending budget of $300.

“I have no idea what I am going to create. Walking down the aisles at Mood, I see this wool fabric, and it automatically made me think of nature. It’s perfect,” stated Ken Laurence on Episode 6.



Comedic relief moment: As designer Ken and Jeremy were getting ready for the judging day…well, let me put this in dialogue for simplicity.

Ken:  “So, you have immunity today.

Jeremy: “Yes, I do.”

Ken: “Can I purchase that with my GoBank card?”

Immediately, my entire family bursts into laughter–even my dad. Because of my Project Runway recap blogs, not only has my dad started watching the show, but my grandparents are also addicted to the fabulousness. Yes, it’s true. Am I proud? Absolutely.

Image provided by the Weinstein Company.
Image provided by The Weinstein Company.

On the subject of Ken Laurence and his garment, I truly loved it! Despite what the judges said, I loved his “Mother Nature” concept.

Abby:  “I loved the concept of your design and your model’s hair. I do not feel like the judges gave you proper time to explain the idea….How did you feel when the judges did not understand or like your concept?”

Ken:  “We have more time to explain our designs [than is shown]. We are actually standing on the runway for an hour or so. Keep in mind everything is edited for TV. I think I was at the bottom for two reasons. One, the construction flattened my model’s chest. I knew that after I had sewn it down, but I didn’t have the time to redo it. Secondly, I should have taken it a little more over the top. They [the judges] respond well to things like that sometimes; however, they pick what they personally like and dislike….”



Okay, so I must save the chit chat for another time and another media outlet ( for one of the most emotional things I have ever watched on reality TV….

When Designer Justin was eliminated…I was so upset…I cried like a little baby…well, like a high school girl whose boyfriend broke up with her the night before prom….Thankfully, super hero Tim Gunn swept in and used his “Tim Gunn Save” on the precious designer Justin. Oh, I am so so SO happy that Tim Gunn rescued Justin from going home. The show would not be the same without his genuinely kind spirit! Tim Gunn explained to Justin that he had such fabulous potential to do amazing things on the show–I concur with this statement.


Abby:  “What was your first thought when Tim Gunn used his ‘Tim Gunn Save’ on designer Justin?”

Ken:  “Everyone on the show knows I LOVE Justin and Jeremy! (They were my roommates [on Project Runway].) I was so happy…it shows the judges pick what they like and don’t. Honestly, my garment and Karen’s garments were worse than his – sometimes I don’t get the judges. Lol”

Image provided by The Weinstein Company.
Image provided by The Weinstein Company

Is it just me…or should every designer get some sort of special Project Runway Girl Scout patch or at least a box of Thin Mints? Oh, thin mints are so delicious! Those new Girl Scout Cookie Nestle Crunch candy bars do not do justice for the actual cookies. Anyway, each designer deserves a merit badge and a box of cookies for their tremendous effort on Episode 6!


Phew…this was quite the emotional episode. I am so excited to see what Episode 7 of Project Runway Season 12 has in store for us! Is it Thursday yet? Hey, momma, is it Thursday yet?

Y’all be sure to come back next week for yet another fabulous Project Runway recap!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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