Hello, my fabulouses! It is the second day of September…and I am here to release the next outfit of the 30 Day J.Crew Challenge! Whoo hoo!

If you are just now joining me, and you are wondering what the 30 Day J.Crew Challenge is…please click here to visit yesterday’s post:)

Okay, enough chit chat–let’s see what the second outfit of September is–time to get fabulous!

IMG_2884 IMG_2905 IMG_2888 IMG_2913 IMG_2887 IMG_2875 IMG_2925

Shirt: J.Crew Factory, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

(get the look here)

Shorts: J.Crew Factory, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

(get a similar look here & here)

Earrings: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain

Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Sunglasses Hut

(get the look here)

Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk


Do NOT forget to come back tomorrow for yet another fantastic J.Crew ensemble:)

Check out the VIP Facebook page for more pictures from this fantastic photo shoot! Click here.

IMG_2922Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

4 thoughts on “30 Day J.Crew Challenge: One French Hen & a Pair of Dotted Shorts

  1. Love it! Thanks for including my earrings :)

    1. Abby Hathorn says:

      You’re welcome! It was my pleasure:)

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