VIP Interview: Fiat of Birmingham


Growing up is full of stressful things like deciding on and purchasing that very first car. I cannot tell y’all how many different car brands and websites I have explored in the last couple of months trying to find a car that was cute, safe, and a financially smart–and then BAM! WOW! I stumbled upon the fabulous FIAT 500 Pop.


I test drove a couple of adorable Fiat cars several weeks ago at Fiat of Birmingham and fell head over heels for the smooth ride; however, I still had a few questions floating around in my head. So, I decided to contact Fiat of Birmingham for a VIP Interview–I thought it would be fun to involve you, my readers, in my car decision adventure!


VIP: What makes FIAT of Birmingham a different car-buying experience?

Kimberly Spitzer: Honestly, we are not a car dealership–we are a Fiat studio, and we treat everyone who comes through the doors as family. We are very laid back, and we are not into high pressure. We treat everyone the same–it does not matter who you are or what car you are looking at, and that is just how we do business.

VIP: Describe FIAT of Birmingham in four words.

Jonathon Woodall: Fun, Italian, Authentic, and Terrific

Kimberly: I love that!

VIP: How is Fiat of Birmingham involved with the local community?

Kimberly: “We participate every year in the Feast of St. Marks and the Whistle Stop Festival in Irondale. We are also doing a ride-and-drive event at The Outlet Shops of Grand River where we are going to donate money to the Children’s Hospital for every ride-and-drive that we host.

VIP: What is the most popular and/or most talked about car on the Fiat of Birmingham lot?

Kimberly: Today, I would have to say it is the Abarths! Tomorrow, it might be the 500L–It just depends on the day.

Jonathon: The Gucci car also gets a lot of looks in the showroom.

VIP: Oh, yes! I thought that was a very cool car! I love all of the small details!


VIP: What is the most popular color car you sell?

Jonathon: I really think it depends on the customer. The Verde Chiaro (light green) is a very popular color and so is the Luce Blu (light blue).

VIP: What are the major differences between the Abarth, the Pop, the Sport, and the Lounge? I personally like the Pop.

Jonathon: The Abarth is more like a sports car because it has a higher horse power. The Pop is our base model. It is a really great car for not a lot of money while still keeping the same style and flair of all the other Fiat 500s. The Sport model is naturally more sport-orientated. It has the same engine as the Pop model; however, on the Sport, you have different wheel options and the interior is upgraded with leather…overall, it has a really cool vibe. The Lounge model is luxurious. It has really nice leather, more options for wheels and gadgets, and the Lounge will usually have a sunroof or a convertible top.

VIP: With the recent expansion of models such as the 500L and the 500L Trekking, do you believe this will open up a broader market for y’all?

Kimberly: Absolutely! With the two door, it is fun and entertaining to drive, but it is a boutique car which does not fit into everyone’s lifestyle. With the 500L, it is 42% larger than the two-door; and when you get in it, you realize how much that 42% really is! The 500L is a versatile vehicle that molds around your lifestyle instead of you molding around it. So, it has brought in many customers who have smaller children, or who wanted a car that was great for road trips, or people who wanted a Fiat vehicle that would haul a little bit more stuff.

VIP: I read an article where an artist painted the Sistine Chapel inside a Fiat 500L. Obviously, this is a bit extreme to have done on a regular basis here at Fiat of Birmingham, but what are some ways to personalize the Fiat here at Fiat of Birmingham?

Jonathon: Fiat and Mopar have a ton of accessories for the 500s. They have stripe kits, Italian flags that you can put on the roof…and we actually had a houndstooth 500 here a few weeks ago.

VIP: I bet y’all sold that one pretty quickly!

Jonathon: We did, and the customers were very ecstatic about it!

The VIP and Fiat of Birmingham Director Kimberly Spitzer matched with out polka dots! Great minds think alike *wink*
The VIP and Fiat of Birmingham Director Kimberly Spitzer matched with out polka dots! Great minds think alike *wink*

Have I mentioned that the VIP is a huge fan of the Pop? Why? Because it is a smart price point for college students and young professionals, and I absolutely love the vintage feel of the dash. Now…all I have to do is choose my favorite color Fiat 500 Pop…Hm…which one, which one….

Stop by Fiat of Birmingham today to see their awesome selection of fun and fabulous Fiats!

5350 Grantswood Road

Birmingham, AL 35210

Contact Studio: (888) 419-2622

Connect with Fiat USA of Birmingham on Facebook here.

Hey, Santa...maybe this Abarth?
Hey, Santa…maybe this Abarth?
This one is the VIP's blog colors...Fabulous!
This one is the VIP blog color…Fabulous!
This Espresso color is also fabulous! Oh, I just cannot make up my mind!
This Espresso color is also fabulous! Oh, I just cannot make up my mind!

IMG_9867 IMG_9864 12 5

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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