Weekly Whistle: Grand Haul December with The Outlet Shops of Grand River


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to this week’s Weekly Whistle which is all about my last Grand Haul clothing haul with the Outlet Shops of Grand River! My theme for this month was gearing up my wardrobe for winter without breaking my monthly fashionista budget. I went in looking for a warm coat, a fun sweater for layering, and a little Christmas gift for myself. Did I accomplish all of my goals? Did I get more than what was on my list without breaking the bank? Watch the video below to find out *wink*

Which piece from the December clothing haul is YOUR favorite? Let the VIP know by voting with the poll below–I will announce the winner later:)

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell y’all which color Fiat won the poll from last week’s Weekly Whistle–it was the Verde Chiaro (aka Light Green); however, I still think my favorite is the Espresso….Ahhh decisions, decisions….

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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