Throwback Thursday: High Heels and Tool Belts


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Throwback Thursday on VIP! Phew! What a fabulous year it has been here in Birmingham–it is hard to believe that the family and I took on the project of renovating the 1981 fixer-upper only a year ago. Words cannot express how happy I am that the renovation is almost complete! It was fun trading in my high heels and jewelry for tennis shoes and a tool belt for a little while…but after a few, long weeks of ripping out and tearing up…I was happy to have my sparkly jewelry and stilettos back again *wink*

As I was reminiscing December 2012 blog posts, I realized that for an entire month–yes, that’s right a month–I wrote brief blogs about the home construction. Oh, man…that was a rough, but fabulous learning experience.

Here are a few of the things I learned from the renovation of the 1981 fixer-upper:

  1. When kicking in walls, it is always important to kick low enough so that you can more easily pull your leg back through the hole. No one likes being stuck between a rock and a hard place–or in this case, a piece of sheetrock and another piece of sheetrock.
  2. Ripping up carpet is the easy part…it is the carpet tacks that will get ya’.
  3. Wicker wallpaper is never a good idea no matter what year it is.

Okay–that is enough throwbacking for now. I must be off to bake some gluten-free brownies for my mom! I would make her do it…but she is not the best at baking desserts–no offense, mom *wink*

While I bake, check out the December 2012 archives here to see the VIP without makeup and her hair fixed. Woah! Say what?! *wink*

See, told ya'--I didn't lie about the wicker wallpaper thing. Check out the blog here to find out what room had this "lovely" wicker wallpaper...

See, I told ya’ about the wicker wallpaper thing. Scary…I know….Check out the blog here to find out what room had this “lovely” wicker wallpaper…I kind of like saying “wicker wallpaper, wicker wallpaper, wicker wallpaper” *smile*

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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