IMG_9933Hello, fabulouses, and hello, pretty chevron skirt!

As I was snooping through my mom’s closet for something to wear, I stumbled upon this chevron skirt…isn’t it marvelous?! And doesn’t it look fab wit the red sweater  *wink* Hmm….perhaps, I should go shopping in my mom’s closet more often…*wink* 

To change up Outfit #2, I swapped the pencil skirt for the chevron skirt, traded the necklace for a bright scarf, and slipped into a pair of pointy-toe stilettos. Tah dah! I am ready for a day out on the town! This ensemble also looks pretty cute for stopping by Starbucks to chat with that handsome guy behind the counter *wink* and grabbing some coffee, of course!

IMG_9936 IMG_9938 IMG_9953

Sweater: GAP, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Skirt: Mom’s closet

Scarf: J.Crew, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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