Weekly Whistle: Stranded in the Hometown


Hello, fabulouses! I hope you are all safe and warm!

Phew! Talk about this weather! Due to the icy road conditions, I am stuck in my hometown of Louisville, Mississippi. Needless to say, I was totally not prepared for being stranded–no extra clothes, no hair products, no snacks. Abby does not do well without snacks *wink*

Meanwhile, I have been revisiting some old photo shoot spots (as seen in the picture at the top), visiting family, and shopping at some of my favorite local boutiques. Stay tuned for a blog about my new goody I got today *wink*

Well, readers, I am off to drink some hot chocolate by the fireplace at my Gran’s house! Tah Tah for now–until I get back to my laptop and high speed internet *wink*

Stay Fabulous,
Abby Hathorn


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