VIP Home: How To Conquer Big Blank Walls with Art Work and Home Decor


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to VIP Home!

Today on VIP Home, I would like to chat about my favorite wall in my room. (See photo above)

When we first moved to Birmingham, I had no idea how to decorate this giant blank wall. It was intimidating–really intimidating; however, after looking through several design books, I decided that the wall needed to make a fabulous statement–a wall collage was the perfect plan! 


So, I took some of my favorite art pieces (the Beatles Wall Art, Marilyn Monroe piece, and Couture prints), and nailed them to the wall–okay, so I got my dad to hang them…He is an engineer, and he is very good at making sure things are level and perfectly spaced…Anyway–Next, I brought in the dresser and staged the necessary electronics–TV and cable box for watching the Style Network and E! News for hours on end and the Xbox for occasionally playing Skyrim, but mostly for playing old movies *wink*

Hm…it seemed like the space needed something else…something a little funky and shiny.  BAM! Metallic horse head at TJMaxx–I knew right then and there that it was PERFECT! The metallic horse head was like icing on the cake–diamonds on the ears and pearls around the neck.

Tah dah! Can you believe it?! I conquered that intimidating blank wall–making it truly stylish and fabulous. Ah…don’t you just love decorating! 

The metallic horse is also a princess *wink*

How have you conquered a big blank wall with your mad decorating skills? Everyone at VIP would like to see how you worked your magic! Send your pictures and a message about your home decor to for a chance to be featured on the next VIP Home blog. Yay!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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