Hotel Room Boredom: Part One


About the Photo Shoot:

What happens when you leave two, creative blondes in a hotel room with a camera, no car, and no debit card? Well….Once upon a time–well…yesterday…my mom and I were stranded at our hotel with no car and no debit card…don’t panic…we had snacks, Diet Dr. Pepper, and change for the vending machine…Anyway, while we were sitting there twiddling our thumbs–okay, so we were checking our Facebook newsfeeds and watching re-runs of Let’s Make a Deal--we came up with a brilliant idea for a photo shoot. With our thinking hats on, we set out to create the most magnificent outfits and photo shoot set EVER. I started digging through my suitcase to style outfits as my mom wrecked one corner of our hotel room for the set. Note: No hotel rooms were harmed in the shooting of these photos *wink* This little project occupied us for several hours until my dad came back to the hotel and saw me standing on the chair (see photo above), and jokingly stated, “I don’t even what to know.” My mom may not be a professional photographer, but these photos turned out totally fabulous–and we had a lot of fun! Now, enjoy Part One of Hotel Room Boredom and stay tuned for part two coming soon! Yay!




Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


4 thoughts on “Hotel Room Boredom: Part One

  1. Maybe you gals won’t leave your plastic at next time. ;) And yes, these photos did turn out great. Mom has mad skills.

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