March Inspiration + Tips for Shopping on a Budget


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

With spring only a few weeks away, I feel like I need to rush out and buy lots of flowy skirts and tank tops; however, I really need to take a deep breath and calm down before splurging on every cute thing I see…*inhale…exhale…* *wink*
March Inspiration
This month, I am taking a little inspiration from my 30 Day J.Crew Challenge and Grand Haul series with the Outlet Shops of Grand River to shop and create a variety of outfits on a budget. What I learned from those two blog challenges will help me create the VIP March Madness series. Now, I am going to share three VIP tips for shopping on a budget because I want y’all to join in on the VIP March Madness! :)
1. Gather your inspiration: Polyvore and Pinterest are brilliant tools–use them to your advantage! Create a style Pinterest board or a Polyvore collection of pieces that you like so that you do not splurge on items that you will only wear once–do not nod your head like you have never done that…we have all done it…even me…Don’t judge me! That Michael Kors trench coat was way too fabulous to pass up *wink* 
2. Set a Budget: Create a monthly shopping budget, and try your hardest to stick to it–don’t let that Michael Kors trench coat tempt you…let it go on sale…let it go on sale…*deep breath* For budgeting inspiration, check out Budding Fashionista–she really knows how to find some awesome deals and create spiffy outfits while sticking to a budget–I like to call her the Budgeting Fashionista sometimes *wink*
3. Make a Shopping Plan: There are so many options when you go to the mall–the bright window displays are like those purple bug lights, and we fashionistas are curiously distracted moths. You cannot help but to wander inside to see what cute things you can find, and then you come out with a receipt that’s as long as your arm…been there. done that. So, something I’ve learned to do is make a shopping plan to visit only five stores. If I still have money left in my budget after visiting those stores, I will browse other stores. Making a shopping plan keeps me level-headed and on task rather than distracted and running around the mall like Phoebe on that episode of Friends where she is running around the park flailing her arms. *wink*
Now, I am off to make a shopping plan…stay tuned for a VIP video soon where I will give y’all a sneak peek of all the cute stuff I have for the VIP March Madness outfit challenge! Whoo hoo!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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