Creativity Is a Messy Thing…


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Today, I have been unpacking boxes, organizing my magazine collection, picking out paint colors, and shopping for bedding–at some point, I took a break to eat at Chick Fil A *wink*


Thus far into the moving process, I have learned that creativity is a messy thing…but a good kind of messy…an inspiring kind of messy…a fun kind of messy! After unpacking and sorting some of my knick knacks this morning, I stopped unpacking and started styling a bookcase, which took me two hours…*gasp* two hours??? Yes, two hours because it was so much fun designing the bookcase to be both kwirky and functional! I do not want to reveal the final product yet because it’s only Thursday–yall will have to come back Monday for a special VIP Home blog:)


Phew…today has been quite eventful, and I am in total need of a hot shower and a good night’s rest! Goodnight, VIP fans–I will chat more with y’all tomorrow. :)


Stay Fabulous,
Abby Hathorn

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