Throwback Thursday to the Days When I Paid With Hugs



Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Today, I have been priming and painting my kitchen all day…and at some point, I took a break to eat some mac n’ cheese and chocolate pudding for lunch–no, it was not the most nutritional choice…but it did bring back some great childhood memories. Ah…I miss the days when eating an entire bag of gummy bears was justifiable because being a little chubby was cute and adorable*wink*


I was a chubby kid…I was girly with a touch of tomboyishness–I enjoyed dance class and playing dress up in my mom’s closet as well as running around “barefooted” in my grandparents’ pasture, making mud pies after a big rain, and going bream fishing with Paw Riley. Oh, all of this recollecting makes me miss the days when life lacked major responsibilities….major responsibilities like car insurance, monthly rent, utility bills, and college fees. Whatever happened to paying for everything with hugs? *wink*


Oh, It seems like just yesterday when I graduated from kindergarten…when I actually just graduated from high school. *deep breath* I do not know who is handling my growing up worse–my parents or me *wink*


Do not get me wrong–I am not complaining about growing up…I have to admit that I am digging this apartment living thing; however, I am not digging the bills that come with it. Now, before my mom calls me telling me that bills are a part of life because she is all about life lessons–I must say that I know bills are a part of life…they are just a part of life that stinks…a part of life where you have to decide on buying a new pair of shoes or paying rent. *wink* No, I am not going to shop myself into debt like Carrie did on that episode of Sex In the City…but a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos would be nice *wink*


I digress. So, where was I? Hm…that is a good question. To be frank (I guess it would be better to be myself *wink*), I do not remember what my exact intentions were for this blog post anymore…perhaps the paint fumes have finally gotten to me…or perhaps I am lacking important nutrition…nope…it cannot be either of those because I am painting with environmentally friendly paint, and I took my Flintstones vitamins this morning *wink* 


Well… it looks like the second coat of paint in my kitchen is dry, which means it is time to paint on a third. Man…I am definitely regretting my decision to paint the kitchen yellow. Please don’t tell my dad that I am complaining about painting with yellow paint because he warned me how difficult it would be…I can hear him now, “I told you painting with yellow wasn’t going to be easy.” Yes, he was right…but this yellow is totally fabulous–so fabulous that I will forget all about the cramp in my right hand…and I will not forget to reveal this yellow beauty to y’all on VIP Home.

Stay tuned to VIP Home next week for photos of my apartment beautification process! I cannot wait to reveal the awesomeness! :) 


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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