Beauty Tues.: Prime, Pucker & Paint (A step-by-step tutorial for Lip Tar lip color)


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues.

Today in VIP Beauty News , I have a fabulously amazing new lip color to share with y’all–it is from the creative geniuses of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, a 100% Vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free makeup company.

One thing I love is bright lips–I hardly leave the house without adorning my lips with a bold lip color. So, when I stumbled upon the OCC Lip Tar product line at Sephora–it was love at first sight. With so many gluten-free, long-wearing lip liners and colors avaliable, I had a hard time deciding on which one to try first. After lots of debate, I finally decided to go with the light and bright shade of pink “Anime,” which had a matching lip liner. *kiss* Perfecto!

If you have never tried or owned Lip Tar, I must warn you to not toss out the tiny lip brush that comes in the resealable pouch because you WILL NEED it to apply the liquid lip color AND don’t toss out the handy resealable pouch because it is perfect for keeping the Lip Tar and its brush safe and sound. Also, if you try to apply it with your fingers, there is a possibility that you might end up looking like a circus clown rather than having a perfectly painted pout…and I should know *wink*


Tip: Priming your lips with the OCC clear primer is a big key to painting the perfect pout with Lip Tar–do not forget to give your lips about a minute to absorb the primer before applying your desired Lip Tar color. The OCC clear Lip Tar not only helps color last longer, but it also makes applying lip color a breeze.



Achieving the perfect pout takes a bit more effort than movies make it out to be–It is never as simple as whipping out your lipstick, flicking off the top, and putting it on sans mirror…I learned that at a very young age *wink* (See blog post here).

Tip: Invest in lip liners that complement your favorite bold lip colors–this is another easy trick that will bring you one step closer to having irresistibly kissable lips.


Tip: When painting on your Lip Tar lip color, ONLY apply one  small dot at a time to the brush–because one dot goes a long way. If you get too much, it is merely impossible to use it all without making a total mess.


Oh, wow! Look at you now–don’t you look marvelous thanks to this VIP step-by-step tutorial *wink*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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