VIP Home: Curtain Fest Part 3…On the Right Track

On The Right Track (Curtain Fest)

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the VIP Home!

This week on VIP Home, I am going to chat about the inspiration behind the curtains in my apartment bedroom–which is combined with my “living” area.
For starters, I will preface this blog by saying I would LOVE to share photos of the curtains hanging in my apartment with y’all; however, if I do that…I will ruin all the surprises of future VIP Home posts…and I know none of us want that *wink* Now, let’s chat curtain inspiration.
I have always loved birds–especially brightly colored parrots. I remember begging to go to the zoo just to see the parrots–I remember begging for a pet parrot, too…but that is a story for another day *wink* Also, I have always loved florals–feminine and romantic florals. The house where we filmed La Madame had some of the most breathtaking floral Victorian wallpaper I have ever seen…I immediately fell in love and thought, “My goodness, wouldn’t this print make for beautiful curtains!”
While searching for my dream curtains, I visited a variety of home decor stores–I even visited fabric stores in search of a fabric I could make into my bedroom curtains…*Note: I cannot sew…but I was prepared to watch lots of YouTube tutorials *wink* I was looking high and low for bright and bold curtains, and I needed them to tie the entire space together–I knew this was going to be a challenge…but I had no idea that the challenge would be spread out over a period of weeks. Just as I was losing hope that my curtain vision would never come true, I visited where I stumbled upon the most fabulously magnificent curtains a girl could ask for–a bold floral pattern with bright turquoise parrots. Oh, these curtains are so totally perfect for my space!  I promise to share photos soon *wink*

Now, readers, I am off to pack up all my luggage to head back to Tennessee tomorrow. Tah tah for now!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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