J.Crew Challenge: Outfit 7, Simple Perfection



Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the J.Crew Challenge!

Phew–I am taking a break from studying for my Biology, via Quizlet, to post this super fabulous J.Crew outfit. Whoo hoo! It is a much needed fashion break…and I also think I am due a coffee break *wink*

Why I love this look: I love it because it is so simple yet so perfect! The easy-going style of the v-neck tee combined with the vintage-inspired shorts gives off a fabulous vibe without going too over the top. The accessories and shoes also make this outfit–the handmade and vintage jewelry + patterned flats add a much needed pop of personality. 

Where I wore it: I recently sported this sweet outfit to the First Friday event in downtown Johnson City,  and it was so comfy for walking the streets in style. :) To dress this look up for the movies, I could easily toss on my blue Kork-Ease wedges and go! 

Now that you know why I love it and where I wore it…let’s take a look at the details! 

IMG_6137 IMG_6125 IMG_6138 IMG_6135

Tee: J.Crew

Shorts: J.Crew

Flats: Toms, Serendipity Boutique (Johnson City, TN)

Necklace/Earrings: BluKatDesign, Etsy

Floral bangle: personal vintage collection

Silver bangle: Beadsoul, Etsy

Bag: Coach, The Outlet Shops of Grand River (Leeds, AL)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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