The Survival Kit of a Fashionable College Gal featuring Man Crates

ManCrates: Survival Kit

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! 

Recently, I was contacted by the company Man Crates, which is all about (super cool) gifts for men, about my five, must-have essentials for a survival kit. See photo above. I probably should have listed things like a first-aid kit or hiking shoes; however, I think lipstick and popcorn would be much more fun when stranded *wink* 
Now, despite popular belief of the (cute) little old men that sit outside the gas station near my campus, I am not married. *true story* Yesterday on my way back to Johnson City, an elderly fellow stopped and asked me about my VW Beetle, then asked me where my husband worked. When I told him I was not married, he looked at me like I had nine heads. “Someone let you get away! I find that hard to believe,” he exclaimed. It was adorable and a little bit awkward. Oh, how I wish everyone saw me like old people *wink* I digress–So, why would a single girl like myself want anything to do with a company that is all about cool men’s gifts? Great question!
 I love to give gifts, and I take my Christmas shopping very seriously. And I typically get nontraditional gifts for my dad and Paw Riley because they are too cool for tacky sweaters and ties, which is where Man Crates comes in handy! There is no ribbon or cheesy wrapping paper and each crate is reasonably-priced! Also, they have SO many different crate options–from the grill master to the zombie-apocalypse prepper (seriously? Yes, seriously). I am quite intrigued by the jerky ones–I think both my dad and Paw Riley would really love those!
Now, let’s take a look at the details of my five must-have essentials for a survival kit. P.S. I may regret not tossing in a few ban-aids, especially if I have to take a hike in those wedges *wink*

Author: Abby Hathorn

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