Fabulous Finds Friday: My Fav Fall Bootie for 2014!


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Phew! What a long week it has been…My, my, I am so glad that it is Friday because that means the weekend is finally here, and I finally get to share the baddest, coolest, fall-est bootie with y’all! *wink*

While shopping in Birmingham last weekend, I went into DSW on a mission to find fall shoes because wearing open-toe wedges in twenty-degree weather does not sound very appealing *wink* So, I told myself to focus. *deep breath* After lots of gorgeous distractions and trying on lots of booties, I found the perfect pair! Ah–I was so excited that I could have danced a jig in the middle of the store! Not only are these Kork-Ease booties fantastically comfy, they are also neutrally classic for fall. I can go from coffee meeting to girls’ night out in a snap in these cutie pies. Oh, I cannot envision myself ever throwing them out :) Thanks, Kork-Ease, for always being the VIP’s favorite go-to comfort (and cute!) shoe :)

I am head over heels for these!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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