Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

This week for Three Ways to Wear, I am taking a bit of a different approach–you know, just to mix things up *wink*

Rather than chatting about three ways to wear an apparel separate, I am going to be showing y’all three ways to wear BluKatDesign’s upcycled knob necklaces. BluKat is always creating new and fabulous knob necklaces, and I can never get enough of them! After y’all check out these fun throwback pictures + how to wear, be sure to check out BKD’s other handmade knob necklaces avaliable for purchase! Click here

Photo by BluKatDesign

Photo by BluKatDesign

Way One


Both necklaces by BluKatDesign!

img_8398 (1)


Way Two

img_5245 img_5229 img_6138

Way Three

img_8397 img_8398

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


One thought on “Three Ways to Wear Thursday: Upcycled Knob Necklace by BluKatDesign

  1. BluKatDesign says:

    Awesome! I love all three ways, fabulous :)

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