Three Ways to Wear Thursday: Three of the Best in 2014


Hello, fabulouses, and happy 2015!

Whoa…I cannot believe another year has passed! Hm…that means my pup will be four at the end of January, and VIP will turn three at the beginning of February. Oh…where does the time go?! Great…now, I sound like my mother *wink* No offense, Mutter–that semester of German is paying off *wink*

In celebration of the brand new year, I would like to take a glance back at the best TWTWT outfit combos of 2014. Nothing like some good ole’ styling challenges to kick off the first day of 2015 *wink*

Staying with the trend of threes on Thursdays, I am showcasing three of the top Three Ways to Wear Thursdays, and I would love it if y’all would comment on which one is Y’ALL’S favorite! I mean…I know it’s hard with so many great outfits and all…but you can always choose two *wink*

Now, while y’all enjoy taking a look back at the following blogs + pictures, I am going to get back to my typewriter. I missed it dearly while I was away for the holiday in Mississippi. Again, happy New Year to all! I hope it was just as fabulous as you guys are :)


1. 3 Ways to Wrap a Blanket Scarf (featuring Forgotten Cotton)


2. Purple n’ Pink Ombre Skirt Three Ways


3. 3 Ways to Wear Pink Pleats: Pink n’ Pleated

IMG_8252Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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