Beauty Tues: Achieving Clearer Skin with Juice Beauty

Earrings by BluKatDesign on Etsy
Earrings by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues.

This week on VIP Beauty Tues, I am going to chat about something we ladies are all a bit sensitive about–our skin. We all want pretty skin; however, achieving that goal can be a bit more difficult for some of us–especially those of us with sensitive skin *raises hand* Hi–my name is Abby Hathorn, and I have sensitive skin *wink*


Recently, I noticed that the face wash I was using contained some ingredients that were irritating my skin–I am very sensitive to gluten and a few other things that I can neither pronounce or spell *wink*  So, I got to digging on the internet and stumbled upon a brand called Juice Beauty, which is a certified organic skincare and makeup company with a great selection of gluten-free products. Who knew so many skin products and makeups contained non-organic ingredients and even gluten?! What would we have all done before the Internet and Google *wink*

If you are curious about Juice Beauty or would like to purchase a product to try, you can visit your local Ulta like I did OR you can visit Juice Beauty’s website  here.

NOW, check out the cutesy board below to see the two Juice Beauty products I LOVE + the Juice Beauty clear-skin routine box about which I have heard phenomenal reviews. 

Juice Beauty

Special Note: Before starting any new diet or skin regimen, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE PRODUCTS. Due to the fact that I have so many skin and food allergies, I really like to push that with y’all or anyone reading this. Consulting your doctor or dermatologist is always the first thing you should do before starting something new. We only get one body, so let’s take care of it and make it beautiful the SMART and HEALTHY way :)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


One thought on “Beauty Tues: Achieving Clearer Skin with Juice Beauty

  1. I really like this blog post since it brings up a subject close to me, but never talked about. I’m a guy who cares about my skin, but only ever sees skin care products marketed towards women. And I have sensitive skin. Men do care about how our skin looks! I decided years ago that I would ignore the advertising and find something that worked for me. Olay has a good product (for women) that I use and has been great, but, I want your opinion. What would be a great face wash product for a typical guy who has sensitive skin?

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