VIP Interview: Lizzie Mae of ForgottenCotton


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! 

Recently, I interviewed the fabulously talented Lizzi Mae of ForgottenCotton on my sister blog; however, I saved a few questions for the VIP, of course *wink*

In addition to ForgottenCotton being pictured on VIP outfit posts, ForgottenCotton has also been featured on BuzzFeed, Four Kicks Style, and more! With a warm, cute, and cozy style, Forgotten Cotton has made over 9,200 sales on Etsy–how awesome is that? She is making us all fun and fabulous as we survive winter’s wrath *wink*

On top of Lizzi’s scarves and gloves, ForgottenCotton also offers a variety of headbands, boot cuffs, bow bracelet cuffs, hand-dyed leggings, and even a few vintage goodies! Needless to say, ForgottenCotton is a one-stop-shop for all of us fashionistas–so, check out the interview and then be sure to stop by her Etsy store to shop online in your pajamas….What better way to kick off the weekend, right?! *wink*

Scarf by ForgottenCotton
Scarf by ForgottenCotton

VIP: Tell us a little bit about ForgottenCotton.

FC: ForgottenCotton is a 100% handmade clothing and fashion accessories business located in North-Western Wyoming. We are a husband and wife team who work together and handle every part of our business from sourcing materials to packing orders. Our business is built on the simple principle that all customers deserve high-quality goods which are still made in America.

VIP: What are some of your favorite pieces with which to work?

FC: Our favorite pieces are new ones. We love the start of a new season when we get to finally put to use our long list of ideas and start planning them out. We spend each prior season researching ideas and making prototypes of ideas we have. Nothing is ever as exciting as picking colors, fabrics, patterns, and textures with the goal of creating something new. We really started to branch out last year to diversify our product lines and are continuing that trend this year for some amazing and exciting new products. 

VIP: What is one misconception about running a small online business that you have encountered?

FC: Strangely, many people do not consider an online business to be a true business because it lacks certain hallmarks of a traditional business, i.e. hierarchical management structure, physical location, regular hours.  So therefore it is seen that small business owners are less serious and should be taken less seriously than those who embrace a more traditional business model. Needless to say, this is completely wrong.  We, as we are sure all small business owners, labor tirelessly on and for our businesses regardless of what is considered “traditional” in regards to business.


Top 5 reasons Lizzi loves her business:

1. Seeing how people use our items. Having people tag us in their photos online and share with us their looks. We love seeing how people use the items we have created, designed, and made. 
2. Finally launching a new product line. When you spend a lot of time planning, purchasing, and designing (which can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months) it feels really great to see it all finally come together. 
3. Doing it together. It really is awesome to be able to stay home with your significant other and work on something like this together. We both have our part that we do and with our individual talents and skills make it work. 
4. Meeting other small business owners. Everyone has a unique story to tell and we really love getting to know other people who are doing and creating unique and interesting items. Some of the most amazing people we know have their own businesses. We try to spread the word about our fellow business friends because they are such amazing people. It is also a great resource to trade ideas and share experiences. 
5. Being able to live in such a beautiful place. We absolutely love our new home in Wyoming. Having the opportunity to move here where we wake up and see such an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains every day is amazing. It feels wonderful to be surrounded by such incredible nature and beauty. We love that we are able to incorporate the beauty of our home into our product photos.
Earrings: BluKatDesign Scarf: ForgottenCotton
Earrings: BluKatDesign
Scarf: ForgottenCotton

I will conclude this wonderful blog post + interview with some words from Lizzi with which I very much agree:

“As with most things there is no ‘easy button.’ No one gets to wake up one day and have a business. It is countless hours of discussion, planning, decision making, etc. We spend more time working on our business than we did at more traditional jobs. There is no turning it off. We often are answering emails, making orders, or planning new ideas at all hours of the day. Needless to say, we hold very unconventional work hours.” 

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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