Beauty Tues: Go For Bold!

Go for bold

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues.

One of my most-asked makeup questions from readers is about my lipstick color in that such-and such post. So, I took inspiration from past emails + an email I got from a sweet fan recently to create this week’s fabulous Beauty Tues. 


Alex wrote: “VIP–what color lipstick did you wear on the snow-day blog? I absolutely love that color, and you always wear great bold lipstick. I am trying to branch out with bolder lip colors, and I think that color would be a good start for me.”

For starters, going bold with your makeup is all about finding a starting point. Just like in styling an outfit, you have to pick where you want to make your statement and then go for it…or in this case, go for bold *wink* Decide if you want bold lips or a bold eye–but don’t go for bold on both–unless it is Halloween or a New Year’s Eve Party *wink* If you are a little nervous about adding color pops to your makeup, no need to fear! You can take baby steps, and here is what the VIP recommends :)  


1. A classic red lip: This is a never-ending trend that anyone can pull off! With a variety of hues, a fashionista can never go wrong with a red-hot lip. 

Earrings by BluKatDesign
Earrings by BluKatDesign

2. Colored Liner: Take inspiration from the models on fashion week runways and play around with colored eyeliner. Pinterest is a haven for ideas!


3. La La Lashes: Never underestimate the bold power of lashes. From black and brown to blue and purple, mascara can pack a huge punch effortlessly!


Now, to get y’all inspired with going bold with makeup, check out the Beauty Tues posts here + check out the VIP Pinterest board here!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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