Beauty Tues: Black to Basics | How Lipstick Can Transform a Makeup Look from Basic to Bold


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues.

Basic black eyeliner–it is a makeup necessity, BUT how can you make something so basic so bold? Well, this week on VIP Beauty Tues, I am going to show you how! Come on–let’s take a gander. 

Hungry Eyes: *cue Eric Carmen + Dirty Dancing*

This look is all about the eyes…obviously *wink* First, I drew on exaggerated wings with black, liquid eyeliner. Next, I applied a smidgen of foundation to bare lips (no chapstick, primer, etc) to create true-nude lip + added a touch of golden lip gloss for a slight shimmer.

IMG_9801 IMG_9803


Bold as Love: *cue Jimi Hendrix (my favorite) or John Mayer’s cover*

Lips bold as love *wink* This look demonstrates how a simple pop of color on the lips can take you from basic to bold with ease! My go-to, bold pigment for spring/summer is BRIGHT pink because it is perfect for day or night–what more could a girl want? *wink*  

IMG_9842 IMG_9889


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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