Beauty Tues: Classic Elegance inspired by Biltmore & Lana Del Rey


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues.

This week on VIP Beauty Tues, I am going to throw some fabulous inspiration at y’all *wink* Think Biltmore meets Lana Del Rey…*GASP* It’s…beautiful…*sheds single tear*

Just yesterday, I announced my trip to Biltmore coming up in May, and today, I want to share with y’all some “classic elegance” ideas for how I might do my makeup for the trip + photo shoot. ALSO–it can be inspiration for y’all creating your own “classic elegance” look. Whether you’re a makeup amateur or a makeup maven, we want to see your twist on the VIP’s classic elegance inspiration board! Share them with us on Facebook here, email here, or mention @AbbyHathorn on Twitter/Instagram. 


One thing I really love about the concept of “classic elegance” is that anyone can do it! The components are very basic (as you can see below) with a nude eye palette, black liner, and nude/pink lipstick. Whether you are wanting to re-create a Biltmore-and-Lana-Del-Rey inspired makeup look, or you are just wanting to up the ante on your basic work look, classic elegance is perfect for you! Now, let’s scroll down and get inspired! Also…keep scrolling to see a little throwback to one of my favorite classic elegance shoots of the past…Hmmm, I wonder what it could be *wink*

*Hit it DJ*

for VIP


Do y’all remember this classy, artsy, and fabulous shoot (that my dog, Ziva, crashed) *wink* Well, take a look back at the blog here + see the never-before-seen bloopers below. 

Embracing my inner sassy Alligator *wink*
Embracing my inner sassy Alligator *wink*
Puppy kisses--ALWAYS.
Puppy kisses–ALWAYS.
Z tells great jokes *wink*
Z tells great jokes *wink*


Stay Fabulous (& classically elegant *wink*),

Abby Hathorn


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