VIP Home: All About Alabama | Places to Stop and Shop in Birmingham


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

This week the VIP is going to be All About Alabama (or Birmingham, to be more exact). With summer break and vacation just around the corner for most of us, I feel the need to share my insights on the wonderful Magic City with y’all. From furniture shopping to the best local boutiques, you will learn about (most of) my favorites on this week’s All About Alabama series! Now, I cannot tell y’all everything because Birmingham practically begs to be explored–as well as other parts of Alabama–and I do not want to spoil the fun *wink* For some fun and fabulous touring ideas for across the state of Alabama, check out my blog here. (Note: there are some epic throwback pictures *wink*)

Atop Vulcan in Birmingham, Alabama.
Atop Vulcan in Birmingham, Alabama.

For those of you who have been reading VIP for a while, y’all know that I lived in Birmingham for several years, and while there, I went on many adventures + interviewed some pretty lovely people. Now, even though I live in Tennessee, I am always looking for excuses to hop in Leo and take a trip to Birmingham *wink* Ah–Birmingham is such a fun and awesome city that is perfect for a day-trip or even a week’s stay! Ah…Birmingham, the VIP needs to see you again soon *blows kiss*

Now, before I get distracted with daydreams of photo shoots in downtown Birmingham (see the fabulous one I had with Kevin Walker here), check out some of my favorite places to shop for home decor and antiques in The Magic City below :) Enjoy and be adventurous! 

West Elm Birmingham

WEST ELM in Birmingham is ALWAYS a fun, friendly, and fabulous stop for art, decor, and furniture. They also have a variety of locally made pieces from local artists–I stinkin’ LOVE that. Y’all know how I am about supporting local and handmade *wink*

Check out West Elm Birmingham on Facebook. 

What’s On Second

What IS on second?! *wink*

What’s On Second is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite antique stores in downtown Birmingham. It is filled with wonderful treasures just waiting to be snatched up by vintage and antique lovers (like myself *wink*)!

Learn more about What’s On Second.

Trussville Antiques & Interiors

Trussville Antiques & Interiors is located in a town right outside of Birmingham.

I used to live right down the road from Trussville Antiques & Interiors–my mom even had a cute little “shop” inside (see here). It is a fabulous place to find tiny treasures, vintage records, and repurposed and new furniture.

Check out Trussville Antiques & Interiors on Facebook.

LOVEEEE antiques? Me too! *wink* Click here to see a list of all the awesome antique shops in and around the Birmingham area!


Be sure to stop back by each day this week to find out more fabulous things + places to shop in Birmingham. Beauty and boutiques are up next *wink*

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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