Weekly Whistle: Meine Mutter


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Yep…It’s Mother’s Day week, and I am dedicating this week’s Weekly Whistle to the one–the only–meine Mutter. 

I am proud of my mom–yeah, that’s right. I am proud of my mom. She has helped me pave the way for my dreams, sacrificed money, health, and probably some sanity–I’ve been told that I was an overly adventurous kid who liked to wander off  + would talk to anyone and everyone. Apparently, I learned nothing from that “Stranger Danger” VHS tape *wink* I digress. Over the past few years, my mom “has got her s*** together” as we joke. From getting healthy to finally opening up an Etsy shop to sell her art (it’s only been open 6 days, and she already has 3 sales–check it out here), my mom has truly kicked some booty. You’re awesome, Mutter, and I am proud to say I am the daughter of one hot, fun, and awesome momma.

Okay--Mom...don't kill me for sharing this photo *wink*
Okay–Mom…don’t kill me for sharing this photo *wink*

This photo was taken four years ago at my cousin (more like a big brother) Jon’s wedding at Lake Tiak O’Khata in my hometown of Louisville, Mississippi. At the time, my mom was struggling with her health–her Type 1 Diabetes was not under control, her stomach hurt all the time, and she was gaining weight mysteriously. Long story short. In October 2013, my mom was diagnosed with Celiac Disease–which this news was a blessing. She went gluten free and hasn’t looked back. 

*cue ZZ Top's "Legs"*
*cue ZZ Top’s “Legs”*

This photo was taken just a week or so ago at a event in downtown Johnson City, TN. My mom’s transformation is truly visible (and amazing) when comparing photos. I am beyond proud of her for making the commitment to “get healthy” and get her type 1 Diabetes under control. 


I do not want to spoil the amazingness of my mother’s Etsy shop by trying to explain it…so, y’all can just check it out here + go on a shopping spree *wink* Note: She is not finished with her listings, and is adding new things each day–so, keep a check on her inventory! 

Click here to visit Lolly Molly Art on Etsy.


BONUS: Why texts from my mom (usually) result in screenshots.

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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