Letter From the Editor: What Summer Means to Me


What I love about summer doesn’t fit the typical description. The beach is great; however, I have no plans to go to one this summer, and I am actually okay with it because I have some fabulous plans up my sleeve. 

The VIP as a wee-thing with Paw Riley.
The VIP as a wee-thing with Paw Riley.

Summer, to me, isn’t about going to the beach, getting a tan, or partying at music festivals. Summer, to me, is about returning to “the good ole days” when I would spend countless hours with my Paw Riley going fishing and going on adventures on the farm…it is about taking it slow (even though that is hard nowadays) and drinking sweet tea on the front porch…it is about laughing, dancing, and talking the nights away around a bonfire with friends and family…summer, to me, is a time that I look back on my life and go “WOW! I am so thankful”. 

The ever-amazing watermelon dress.
The ever-amazing watermelon dress.

There is just something about the HOT Southern weather and going on adventures that just makes me smile. So, next week, I will be spending some quality time with some of my FAVORITE people on this planet–my grandparents and stylish great aunts–while visiting my home state. Be sure to keep up with me on Twitter for updates while I’m away on my trip! I will try my best to have blogs out as normal via WordPress mobile; however, cell reception and wifi is (very) limited where I grew up in Mississippi *wink*



Also, while in Mississippi, I will be doing a photo shoot for the DVD cover of the independent film, La Madame, with Carlos Rosales of CS Digital Productions *happy dance* We will also be taking some fabulous model pictures! *yay*

Biloxi, Mississippi 2011.
Biloxi, Mississippi 2011.

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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