Beauty Tues: Beauty Journal Entry 3, Pretty In Pink Products!

Headband by Forgotten Cotton (Pst…look at the VIP’s new hair! She is going back to her roots…literally *wink* Stay tuned for more photos of her platinum to golden strawberry hair color change!)

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues.

It is that time of the week again where we add another fabulous entry to our VIP Beauty Journals, and this week’s entry is all about being pretty in pink products! Last week, blues and BB King…and this week, pinks and Pretty in Pink–oh, my! What is not to love?! *wink*

Now, before you leave *wink* Check out the VIP Beauty Journal entry #3 and Pretty in Pink Products Polyvore board below + keep scrolling to see how YOU–yes, you–can create YOUR OWN Beauty Journal with an easy supplies list! Yay! Beauty fun for everyone :)

IMG_9563 IMG_9567

Pretty in Pink Products
I may be a redhead now, but the blonde moments are still pretty strong! *wink* I have gotten several messages from readers asking about what supplies are needed to start a VIP Beauty Journal and silly me forgot to put them on the first blog about the Beauty Journal. So, here is a list of the items I use for mine!

*Journal: Moleskine sketchbook. I picked up a three-pack at my local Barnes and Noble.

*Markers/Pens: I prefer to use Faber Castel because I also use FC for my pen and ink artwork; however, Sharpie markers work fabulous + come in a wide variety of colors.

*Page markers: I ADORE the handmade and cutesy paper clips from Picks and Stones on Etsy! She has a special beauty pack + even does custom orders! Check our Picks and Stones here + see them on the blog here.

Note: I do not use my makeup brushes to apply makeup to the pages of my VIP Beauty Journal. I recommend using q-tips, cotton balls, or other one-time-use applicators so that it limits any risk of contaminating makeup products or messing up makeup brushes. 


Now…Don’t be shy! Join in on the VIP Beauty Journal fun by hashtagging #VIPBeautyJournal on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Also, don’t forget to mention Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog on Facebook and @AbbyHathorn on Twitter/Instagram so we can make sure we see your fabulous beauty journal entries! :)

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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