Letter From the Editor: Floral Week Wrap-Up


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Phew…it feels like I am rushing to get home every Friday from a trip–but I am not complaining *wink* For those of you who keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram, you know that I have been in Nashville exploring Italian fashion at the Frist and shopping for vintage goodies in downtown. As much as I would loveee to share all of the details with y’all–I am saving my Nashville trip for a special VIP Travel Scrapbook post *wink* So, stay tuned! 

Now, let’s talk about what we are really here for–Letter From the Editor *wink*


This week, VIP has been all about florals. Ah…much like the color blue, florals make my heart happy! Big flowers, little flowers, and every size in between–they all make me feel nostalgic. Oh, I remember when I was a kiddo, and I would knot wildflowers together to make flower crowns and accessories for stylish outdoor adventures.


I would also pretend I was a flower. Yeah…sure…that was a little weird *wink* BUT I didn’t need a Kindle Fire or iPad to keep myself entertained–all I needed was sunshine, barefeet, and my imagination :) Ah…florals, take me back in time…take me back in time, when there were no smartphones or social media *wink*

IMG_9909 IMG_9906

Since “unplugging” is virtually impossible for this blogger, I think I’ll just wear my BluKatDesign flower tee the next time I feel the need to relax  and feel like a kid again*wink* Get your own + browse the other BKD tees, click here!


QUICK! To the bed *wink* Phew…Nashville truly tuckered me out, so before I pass out while typing this blogpost, I am going to sign off*wink*

Please remember to keep Chattanooga and the families affected in your prayers. May God wrap His loving and comforting arms around our country during this difficult time. God bless, y’all! 

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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